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    with the post office looking for ways to cut the 8+billion they are now facing , an article on the home page stated that ups and to a lesser degree fedex will receive some of this business. How is this going to work if the post office stops or refuses basic packages being dumped into their system. Maybe ups sales guy can respond to this since he might be in the know on usps matters.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    What I hear is they are looking at closing 700 post offices. I don't think anyone will feel the effect due to the fact there are more than 34,000 offices around the country. It's just they need to downsize like many companies have been doing lately.

    The trend now is to pay bills online and e-mail. Also, many stores like UPS store.Kinko's or Postal Annex,etc.... offer the same services. This will affect the employees of USPS more than anything else for now.
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    Government run post office = loss
    Privatize post office = profit
    Government run anything = loss

    So lets add to the equation Government run health care???:knockedout:
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    The USPS won't refuse Basic packages from UPS. They receive a lot of money from UPS for deliverying these pkgs. With a multi billion dollar deficit, they won't reject revenue sources. (Before anyone says my particular post office rejects them.. I know that there are some rogue postmasters who have issues and do reject them, but they are the exception). For closing post offices, this won't be a major impact. The customers get a file quarterly, that lists the address a pkg should be addressed to for the USPS. So if zip code 01001 had a post office at 1 main st Clarksville, but then it gets closed the pkg for consignee at 01001 may have that pkg delivered to the USPS at 22 main st East Clarksville 01002.

    The more concerning item is if the USPS goes down to 5 days\week, and they stop delivery on a Tuesday as they indicated before. That will cause issues to our customers.
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    profit leads to watering down your product/service to maximize profit = fail

    current health care industry = fail

    And who is talking about government run health care? I didn't think Obama's plan called to have socialized medicine, if it does I'll support it!
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    I hope you will also support a big fat tax increase!!!! some ones gotttah pay for all Nobama's plans.....:angry:
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    The post office has become obsolete. The hand writing has been on the wall for awhile now. The government must admit its beating a dead horse with the post office and trim it into a model of much less waste. Notice I didn't say NO waste because I don't think NO waste is a possibility while government is in charge.:whiteflag:
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    Why wouldnt they just stop delivering on saturday?????
  10. Monkey Butt

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    It's not their lightest day and there is a law that states that the mail can't go 3 days without being delivered.
    I believe the USPS was suggesting Tuesday as the day to suspend mail delivery.
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    I love it when people with excellent health insurance (that don't pay a dime for it out of their weekly paychecks) complain about providing health insurance for those less fortunate.

    Do you know anyone without health insurance? Talk to your Fedex ground driver and ask them what they think about having no insurance.
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    I believe you've hit the nail directly on the head!!!
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    Saw a story on the news tonight....any usps letterbox that gets less than 25 pcs daily will be removed.

    Also future historians will have a harder time knowing what was actually going on if we stop writing letters.

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    I chose to work for UPS for the health care when I was 18. Other people could have done the same. I was no longer covered under my parents when I turned 18. 17 yrs later and I still have good health care. It's not my place to pay for what others can get but choose not to. But I'm sure that the fed-ex driver has a cell phone and plenty of other NON essential things. So when I see him I'll say "How do you like no health insurance?" Then I will ask "Who is your cell phone provider?" Bet ya I get an answer to that one.

    Why should I pay for lazy people I deliver to at noon and they're climbing their lazy rears out of bed? And by the way, I pay for mine everyday when I climb aboard that P1000.
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    Tuesday does not work any better than Saturday for the 3 day reason. How many Monday holidays does USPS have - 12 or so. They would be closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

    Also, they will not be closed completely that either on that day. Only deliveries will be eliminated not counter hours at the post office.

    Saturdays makes sense for a number or reasons

    1. Most businesses are already closed. They have few deliveries to make with residential deliveries.
    2. Tuesdays would impact businesses more. You take one day out of their week since a majority of businesses that process mail work Monday-Friday.
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    OK ... I was just repeating what the USPS published. You win. :wink2:
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    Maybe they should work or not get paid for so many darn holidays...
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    Mail volume has to be way down. Just think of all the things we used to have to mail that we can take care of over the internet. A book of stamps lasts me over 6 months now. In pre- internet days I would use that many in a month or two. Postal service wasn't doing that well back then, so of course they are doing really bad now. Don't have an answer for them. It looks pretty bleak for them. Probably good for us.
  19. bluehdmc

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    Tuesdays were mentioned because it's a light day. I guess maybe when there is a Monday holiday they'll deliver on Tuesdays.
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    A mail carrier I know from the route told me they have eliminated three routes in our small town. He whispered to me in a hushed tone, "There is no mail anymore!" He too is happy that he has only five more years to go to retirement. The only people that use the mail now are the government, credit card companies and utilities.