whats my part in this???

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    Is it just me or do some of these threads seem to make you ask yourself what have these people done to deserve treatment like this.I mean some of these post are crazy and hard to believe,the things that are said like "my sup tells me i cant go to the restroom" just one example of many absurd things i see.When i read things like this i wonder what have you done wrong to be treated this way?In 11 yrs i have been on both sides of the fence,i was a good worker for 4 yrs then a sh**bag for 3 yrs then back to a good worker again for 4 yrs and in that time i have been treated as such.I would complain to my union rep "they are out to get me"i never stopped to ask, what is my part in this.I have even worked for the same f/t sups that i did when i was a real p.o.s and they treat me totally different than they did before ,now whats different, MY ATTITUDE IS WHATS DIFFERENT.Rarly am i denied a day off and when i call in which is not to often like it used to be i dont get any sh** for it.And no i am not a brown noser or company man and i am nobodys doormat either, because thats the first thing many will say.I just took me a while to figure out that if you come to work on time everday you can not just when you feel like it,give some kind of effort in your job not just that "fair days work for fair days pay "line and life at ups gets pretty easy.So before you begin a thread ask yourself "whats my part in this"???
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    I believe you answered your own question there, 22.3. During the times your attitude was poor, so was your treatment. When you felt better about your job it showed and they backed off.

    I've also been through ups and downs, seeing first hand how quickly the target goes to someone else's back when I remain calm and methodical. Do it right, mind my business and choose battles wisely.

    As for "our part" - we play a part in everything around us, some days better than others!
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    I have been through this same thing. Spent some naive years leaning on the union and fighting management about everything. Got a huge target on my back. Got in trouble for EVERYTHING. Written up for this, written up for that. Then, I stopped. I sitll file for legitimate things and get imediete (sp?) resolutions. I used to have to go to local hearings even for the most simple grievance. Now, I mind my own, do my job, and ignore everything and everyone. It sucks that I can't really socialize with my co workers but this is how it is where I am. How's it go? The squeaky wheel gets the oil?
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    Dillweed hit the nail on the head when he said, ,choose your battles wisely. Sometimes a grievance must be filed but other times it may not be worth the effort and it might be better to let it pass. Only you can make that choice. Knowing the union steward is a good start. He/she can help guide you as you make your choices. The steward can help steer you clear of battles that might not be worth fighting. Some battles will do more harm than good.