What's New: UPS opens driver training center in West Boylston

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    What's New: UPS opens driver training center in West Boylston - Telegram

    UPS opened its ninth U.S. training center, and first in New England, this month in this town to teach and train potential UPS drivers throughout the company's Northeast region.

    The United Parcel Service center teaches 24 prospective drivers each week about what the job entails and how to meet the company's safety, performance, customer service and professionalism standards.

    The program, called Integrad, stands for an "integrated, enhanced, hands-on, learning program that uses technology and information designed for candidate graduation and completion," according to a company spokesman. The training center opened its first location in New England on June 20 at 99 Hartwell Ave., said Tom Conard, UPS Integrad project manager.
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    How close is this to the Plattsburg center?
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    You think they might need a new drill sergeant?
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    4 hours depending on the lights.
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    Has anyone gone there yet? How was it?
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    I just completed the West Boylston Integrad. Class #7. It was very nice, very new, very clean, and only as tough as you want to make it. I would advise anyone heading to Integrad to test out of the 5 seeing habits and 10 point commentary on day 1 and/or 2. Just get that done.
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    Excellent point.

    Our center makes sure that anyone going to school knows the DOK inside and out or they don't let them go.
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    Yes sir, I was made aware as well. Our class was "one of the strongest we've seen". But alas, there were still some individuals missing those items on Friday. Seriously, just own it. You don't want to be worrying about that stuff when the harder stuff comes down the pike.
    I am a preloaded who signed up for the TCD slot and (thanks to Cheryl and this forum) was able to get a jump start on my driver DOK well in advance. Read. Read. Read. Plan ahead. And when you arrive, let the instruction happen.
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    Your center did not provide you with this material?
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    Good luck
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    Oh, my HR was great.

    Those who were struggling came from other hubs and centers or were hired off the street.
    Thanks for the encouragement. I start the in-house training Tuesday.
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    I finished in Boylston at the end of July. Stressful, but I wouldn't say hard. Just study DOK stuff and test out on everything as soon as you can. Awesome experience, now just waiting to start my 30.