Whats your pension ? Union dues Etc.

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    Here at Local 804 New York its $3600 for 30 years of fulltime service regardless of age. Also $3600 if 25 years of service and 55 years old. Union dues $75 per month
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    Our pension is in critical status and our current and next 3 split raises are being diverted to the pension. It used to be 30 years at any age but you now have to have 30 years and be at least 55. The pension is estimated at $5,200/month and we pay 3x our hourly in dues.
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    Dues 2 1/2 hours a month. Pension 2K at 25 years 3K at 30.
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    According to NETTIP.com
    My pension payable at age 64 for a single life annuity could be $4,990.
    Which would be more than I currently make.
    Dues $66.
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    To get the full pension + full medical around here you need to be 60 years old with 30 years in, but you can take a 25 and out at any age or an early retirement at 50 as long you're fully vested (at least 5 years full time). The payout is not a set amount, it's determined by a formula that includes hours worked and the company's hourly contribution rate so two guys who started at the same time and the same age could retire at the same time with different payouts if one guy worked a lot of OT and one guy took a lot of days off.
    Currently we have guys leaving at 25 with around $5k a month. Dues are $74 a month.
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    Dues here are 2.5 hours of pay per month. Pension maxes out at 35 years of service at any age $3800/month. We still have both 25 and out as well as 30 and out pension options, but I can't recall what they pay at this moment.
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    Local 639 best in country.
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    Here, there is no simple answer. Your pension will be much higher if you had 25 years in as of 2006 than after that.
    There are tables and schedules... I couldn't answer the question.
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    Go here:
    and click on the "Pension Benefits Comparison Chart" to see 19 pension fund benefits compared (as of 7/1/2010).
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    They are off by quite a bit on Local 639, but I like the idea.
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    They are a little high on NYS Teamsters as well.
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    They're low on 639.
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    About the same accuracy as Time Studies.
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    Except that the Chart specifically states it is only a snapshot of available information as of July 1st 2010, and is only a brief summary and does not purport to address the full range of benefits provided by each fund. Each fund is structured differently, so comparisons are not perfect.

    Besides, no one is pressured, scapegoated, harrased, threatened, disciplined or terminated as a result of the Comparison's admitted limitations.
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    The 639 numbers are just about right. I had 28 years full and 2 part time
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    well,, hardy har,, im central states,, you know the biggest contributer to the fund,,, and we get crap..dont worry northeners and your 6000 a month for 10 years,, its coming your way
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    Please explain this...pension contributions are much higher than they were for drivers 20 or 30 years ago(I mean the hourly or monthly breakdown) so if things continue to hang on a driver who retired today would be making less per month than a driver who retired in 15 years(minus the difference in tax libility). please correct me if Im wrong.
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    jonfrum, trying to send you a msg, are you not accepting private messages??