When do I get my option days for the year?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Alexx, Aug 18, 2011.

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    I must have read through the contract handbook a million times trying to find this answer. I got my 9 sick days for the year on july 1st exactly when the contract said I would. I also got my 3 weeks vacation and my option week on my hire anniversary which was July 29th and marked my 4th year at the company just like it said in the contract. However my option days are still at 0 on my paychecks and I can't figure out when they give me them for the year (I think you get 2 or 3 a year?).
    I need to know because I want to take my two birthday days and use two option days in the same week so they give me the bonus 5th day for free. It coming up in september so I hope I get them before that.

    So anybody know when they refill the option days or were I need to look in the contract handbook? I have the Norther California Supplemental Agreement and Northern California Sort Rider and National Master UPS Agreement contract. The only shop steward I have contact with directly is fairly new and not very knowledgeable on the subject.
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    In the central we get them in May
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    9 sick days, 3 weeks vac, and 1 option week?