When Does Seasonal Hire Start?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by YouPeeEss, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. YouPeeEss

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    From what I was told, now is close to that time where if you were hired one week vs. another it could mean the difference between p/t with benefits and seasonal. (Not that it matters per the August 1st date for benefits I guess...)

    What week does seasonal hire begin?

    Also, where can I find the regional supplements to the master?

  2. looper804

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    I don't know when seasonal hiring begins but the date for the free period is October 15th.I would guess the hiring would depend on the volume.
  3. MonavieLeaker

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    To the left of the BC page you'll see teamster news click it'll have the last contract and the new contract:peaceful:
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    I HAVE co workers on layoff part time work they have to come back first.good luck.
  5. YouPeeEss

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    What's a "free period"?

    Thanks, I'm really looking for the addendums/supplements that address regions though; like when people say "oh, that doesn't apply to the northeast".
  6. trplnkl

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    The "free period" refers to the cut off date for gaining seniority. After Oct 15th the days worked do not count as days toward becoming a permanent employee, thus making them seasonal.
  7. YouPeeEss

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    Thanks trplnkl. Any idea on where to find the regional supplements to the national contract?
  8. MonavieLeaker

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  9. Brown_Noser

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    This site: UPS Contracts and Supplements, has some of the regional supplements to the Master Agreement. Yours may be there.
  10. YouPeeEss

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    Perfect, thanks.