When Holidays aren't Holidays

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by TxRoadDawg, Dec 31, 2012.

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    I LOVE guaranteed time. Nice obnoxious full timer that can't make his numbers decides I need to wrap my world around Brown. Did his best to squeeze 2 8 hr days out of me helping his sort and the best he could come up with is be happy UPS is giving you Christmas off. So do tell, am I supposed to be GRATEFUL I get stuck working ot that really isn't ot because I get 27.5 hours guaranteed a week. Sorry I don't bleed brown but if I work extra I should be PAID extra in my book, not have my hours sucked up by an unpaid day off mot of my own choosing to take. Wonder how many other centers screw their part time sups this way or am I the lucky exception....:angry:
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    You got what you signed up for.
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    you picked it!!
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    You are not alone, been happening for years.
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    You may want to call HR to check on this. A few years ago, at least two center managers that I'm aware of, were discharged for working part time supervisors extra hours and not paying them- instead using the old "take a day off of your choosing". The reason was that Christmas was counted as a paid holiday, and counted in your 27.5 hours per week. Maybe the rules have changed, but it's worth making a phone call.
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    All of them.
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    I agree with this approach - you should get paid for the time or days off (not sure if this is correct according to recent rules).
    That is , IF you just want a p/t job until you get out of school.

    It is a fine line you walk but regardless, don't accept this without proper remediation.
  8. UnsurePost

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    What you are saying is that, if policy says otherwise, the person should receive proper remediation. On the other hand, they'll probably have a short career with UPS because of whistle blowing? Am I over-simplifying? ;)
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    Just sayin'.
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    You are not alone - and if it only happens once a year, that isn't bad at all.
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    If it was only once a year... Any day off is an excuse to think we need to stay to " make up for it" but god forbid we go over 27.5 for the week.
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    Well, geez ... manage your hours.
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    I heard you pt mgmt people got paid for all your hours now. Imagine that. Im making mine up, 1 hr of ot at a time. After 6 yrs of it, I think Im almost caught up, lol.
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    Ha ha na na na na na you are a part time puke. Learn to like it. Sorry you chose this road but you did man up and let them paint your face.
  15. PiedmontSteward

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    If by "help" you mean "do bargaining unit work", go tell a steward on the sneak. When supervisors in my building want to get out of working, they tip me off.

  16. LongTimeComing

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    It's screwed up how we kind of get screwed. Let me demonstrate:

    We are 'guaranteed' 27.5 a week. That is, what they call, a SALARY. This number is budgeted into the company's expense as a constant. But where the problem lies, is that it only looks at the week as a whole, not each day. For instance, say I work 2 doubles in a week and I accumulate 5 hours total of extra time. You would imagine I would see 5 hours extra on my check, right? The right answer is MAYBE. If throughout the week on my normal, scheduled shift I only end up working 4.5 of my salaried 5.5 hours, that ends up being 22.5 hours at the end of the week. The 5 hours of doubles I worked would then be factored in to the end of the week total, making it 27.5. I wouldn't see a penny extra on my paycheck for going out of my way to work the next shift 2 different times that week.

    Another example....A PT sup was given a day off on a random Friday. They were put in as Scheduled Off. If they worked 10.5 hours extra that week on another shift, they would only see 5 hours extra on their paycheck. UNLESS they were put in as Dday or Sick day. THEN they would see all of the 10.5 hours they worked. Now, overtime pay calculation IS done per-day, but there are soo many standard pay rate hours that go missing if you only ever work extra time under 8 hours total and then don't work your full 5.5 for each other day of the week. The moral of the story, PT sups either make sure you are there the full 5.5 of your own shift if you work any extra time...and use DDays and Sick days no matter what if you take a day off during a week that you have worked some extra time. This is where the Holiday debacle comes in. We basically do not get paid for the holiday, as it will suck down 5.5 hours of any extra work you did that week, and we have no control of it.
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    Necro thread, but this week it especially applies.

    Part Time supervisors are guaranteed 27.5 hours. So, of course, every Part Time Supervisor will be "asked" to work 8 hours Monday-Wednesday, 24 hours total, no change in your pay, despite putting in extra time at work.

    Of course, in my area, we have been "asked" to work Black Friday as well, so now they can try to limit everyone to 6-7 hours per day, and still end up pretty close to 27.5. No extra compensation for working past your assigned schedule, and no extra compensation for working a UPS holiday.

    Doesn't apply to me much, as I'll be working 40 hours this week, so I'll still manage to get a "fair" check for the time and sacrifice. But many others, including the droves of new PT supervisors in my building, will probably be quite confused when they put in all that time this week, just to get their minimum pay.
  18. Dragon

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    Not sure what you are talking about. Did you get the Corporate email about Friday? You will be compensated correctly.
    Talk to your FT sup or the manager. Everyone of my PT Sups and OMS know what is going on this week.
  19. TxRoadDawg

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    How bout a quick explanation Dragon for those of us with communication challenged sups.
  20. Dragon

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    I do not have the memo in front of me I will post the correct or updated version tomorrow night for those of you who did not get the update.

    "you will be paid double-time for hours worked in addition to holiday pay of 5.5 hours".

    Get the full memo from your supervisor or Manager.