When picking a sorter, do they have to go by seniority?

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    Say they want one more sorter, do they have to go by seniority? If they pick someone over me whom has less seniority than I do, can I grieve it? I have a feeling that this is going to happen very soon. When it comes to money, I really don't play. I really need that extra $1.
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    It depends, if someone with less seniority than you has already taken/passed the sort test then they can skip you by using "present qualified and available." If no one has taken/passed the sort test they really should be putting up a bid sheet and going by seniority, but the inside bid sheets are more often ignored by both hourly and management, so if you want to move to the sort express the interest and take the test. If there's no openings and you pass the test well as soon as one opens you're in if someone isn't over you in seniority. If you're sort qualified and they put someone with less seniority on the sort aisle ahead of you find out if they put out a bid sheet for it, if they did and the person didn't sign it or they didn't grieve it. If there was a bid sheet and the other person signed it and you didn't you won't win a grievance and will have to wait longer.
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    Why so interested in the sorter position? I thought you were going to become a part time supervisor. TROLL!
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    You ain't even need to worry ' bout that extra dollar. You're going supervisor. You gon' be rollin' in that supervisor salary money. Don't forget that sweet ass walkie talkie! (Commands respect, amirite?)

    Don't wait till tomorrow, submit your letter today. You a shootin' star. Don't let this hourly bull shizz hold you back. Step up, be a man and eat at the "table of UPS Champions."

    Seriously, I double dare you...
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    The troll is the one who didn't read the date of this post. I posted this way before I posted my last thread.
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    Yep I passed the sort test a month after being there. We had 6 sorters. Only 2 had passed the test. I bumped a lot of ppl with seniority and they were not happy. Many had taken the test multiple times just couldn't pass.