when will amazon destory UPS and make them go out of business

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by BobBarker, Mar 12, 2019.

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    Hopefully next month
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    I’m not sure exactly on the time frame but I think the more likely scenario is that Amazon buys out Fed Ex and becomes a dominant competitor.

    Amazon is a company that will do its best to get cheap labor so I’d expect you’d maybe have better management and I’d imagine more flexible hours. Perhaps have a lot more staffing with less benefits and subpar performance kind of like the employees at Walmart’s.

    Delivery would be done with their own vehicles and service wouldn’t be as much as an issue. Not sure how Amazon would handle over 70’s and big bulk but I’d imagine they would have a few trucks for the bigger items. I don’t think Amazon would do the more rural areas either, probably leave the crumbs for UPS to handle mostly because the rural areas aren’t profitable

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    Just guessing that you are on the executive board with Amazon..Sounds like a plan..Make it happen..
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    Hope this helps.
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    That is quite possible. Coprorate UPS has their heads in the sand and taking the same approach they had when FedEx began. That approach is to basically ignore them and maybe they'll go away. And they keep claiming that Amazon isn't a threat because they make up only a small percentage of our volume. That would be defensible if Amazon wasn't also competing with many of our retail shippers and winning. Meaning....they are taking volume away from us on two fronts And it will only get worse.

    The only thing that may play in our favor is that the government is keeping an eye on Amazon because they are getting too big. They may have to step in and slow that sucker down. I doubt it though.