When you quit no call no show, do they mail your final paycheck?

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  1. So I only worked as a part time package handler at Fedex Ground for slightly more then 2 weeks. I was driving almost an hour in traffic each way, and would keep getting sent home after 30 minutes-60 minutes. Then two days straight I get sent home right at the start along with god knows how many other people and as I am walking out I hear the security guards "why do they keep on hiring people just to keep sending them home"

    So yeah, I quit showing up. Screw them, and I ended up getting a survey by email like 2 weeks later about a survey on my experience working there.

    Do I seriously have to drive all the way back and return my ID and the black wrist thingy for the scanner just to get my $30-40 check? July 25th was my last day so it's been over a month.

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    It depends on your state laws here in California they cannot hold your check.
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    Yep. No check til you return the ID.
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    Don't bother with the drive, just mail your badge in.
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    To get your check without listening to Grounds BS: www.dol.gov or 1-866-4-uswage
  7. Is it really that hard to call and say they don't need you to come in due to low volume? It's pretty asinine to have employees drive there, walk into the warehouse and clock in, do the safety meeting, then tell a bunch of people there isn't enough volume so we have to leave.

    Whats even worse is the shift was suppose to be 2pm-6pm, but yet during our orientation we find out it's 2:25-6 Monday-Tuesday and 2:55-6 Wednesday-Friday. Bait and switch at it's finest.
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    Come in stoned, and grab your check. Then procede to laugh at everyone on the way out with a peace sign in the air.
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    Hey, it's FedEx! - that it cost you your time, effort and money to get down here for absolutely nothing means nothing to Fred. You wouldn't want to cost him any $ unnecessarily now would you?

    Be grateful to have a job you can (occasionally) work at - slime!
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    I know a sort manager that would hide them in his desk so the employee would have to show up while he was there. If they didn't show he'd send them out about a month later.
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    I got fired, a while ago. I was asked to return a few things, that i didn't have on my at the time of being fired. I told the mgr to send me a fedex box and ill call for a pickup. I still have those things 18 months later. They do not care
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    Your screen name is the funniest thing about this whole thread.....:rofl::rofl::rofl: