Where are the full time jobs?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by muncher, Oct 28, 2003.

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    Hey I thought UPS was going to create 10,000 new full time jobs? I havn't seen any yet. Is UPS going to try to do the same thing they tryed last time and claim lost volume and try to screw hard working part-times out of full time jobs. Who decides which areas get the full time jobs?
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    Believe these kick in during the latter half of the contract. Also some organizing will also be allowed in UPS Logistics as well during the last couple of years.
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    Those are what is known as 22/3 jobs. Most centers have gotten several of them. Mostly combo jobs, taking 2 part time jobs and making a full time job from it.

    Sad thing about it is that during the great years of expansion and growth, we were adding more full time jobs than that per year just to keep up.

    But because of stupidity and greed now we have to settle for almost zero growth.

    Now how do you expect UPS to create jobs where ther is no growth?

  4. muncher

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    Hey dannyboy what are you talking about zero growth? I think you have been beliving UPS's Fed Ex ground lies. UPS volume is up 3% this year, air volume up, international way up, ups logisics profits up 90%!! Ups never tell about the volume they are taking away from the post office, or that fed ex groung growth is flat and declining dailey. This is just another ploy to not have create full time jobs
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    How about f-word company ground. Their volume only grew 1% last quarter, well below expectations.
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    Muncher = Saintteamo II
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    IT would aid you in wiping the crap out of your eyes if you pull your head out of your [email protected]@ and take a real look at the world. I see real numbers in a real world. I deliver the real world, and I see what is happening.

    We had more delivery areas in 5 years ago than we do now. Why? Because of volume loss. Delivering the same number of stops, just covering a larger area. We have not hired any new drivers in that time, but yet have had 2 retirements and 2 fired/quit. And we have 12 more drivers than areas on the average day. Never was like that 3-5 years ago. Im hoping that the volume will burst wide open this year, and then sustain that growth for the next year.

    Rush, that is nice news for a change on FDX Ground. Problem is that they have beaten the growth rate for several years. They have been hiring new drivers, buying new package cars, expanding the centers, all at our expense. I hope what we are seeing is a long term trend and not just a 2nd Q hickup.

    As far as the postal service goes, you havent a clue. Their letter volume is way down, but the package side is killing them. They are having to double trip because the vehicle size is not large enough to take all the packages out on the first and sometimes second trip. As one put it a few days ago, I used to have only 1 or two get out and walks, but now it is at least 15-20 a day and sometimes many more.

    That is our business he is talking about. Business that they have gotten while ours went down.

    A person has to be really stupid not to see the correlation.


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    Dannybot, as far as lost volume, we had a thing called a resession? everone lost volume, AS far as adding nrw drivers it all depends on the area you live in, in the same time span you are talking about my center added 30 drivers! and we need more. I work on the road, just keep beliving those fed ex ground big brown lies!![​IMG]
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    muncher - if you added 30 drivers to 1 center, how on earth are you complaining about not making FT jobs?
  10. dannyboy

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    If you added drivers, then your volume didnt go down now did it?

    AS for the "lies" you think I believe, I believe what I see and know. I deliver to the FDX ground terminal in our area, and know several of the drivers quite well. During the time that we didnt hire one driver, they doubled the number of drivers in our area. FDX itself built a new terminal. Airbourne did also, and hired 3 times the drivers they had 5 years ago.

    So while UPS is stating that we are not growing and actually volume is declining, I see it with the areas that are not cut in. When they say the "other" guys are getting business from us, I see that too.

    So while I dont believe everything UPS tells us, I know for a fact that the volume is down, and that volume has gone to the other guys.

    All I am interested in is the plan to get it back.

  11. local804

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    There are alot of new full-time jobs here in the NY area.I see alot of bid sheets on the boards for the part-timers to take the position to go full-time.I guess it depends on what part of the country you live in to see the new jobs created.
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    My first and only post. Many of you need to get your information about volume and revenue and the like from a much higher source than you are. Cnbc has a great web site along with Msn. Why do you continue to argue and guess about volume and numbers? The exact numbers come out every quarter. Read instead of writing! Get informed.
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    find it hard to believe that managements fears new volume. remember the pcm's: 49 new packages equal one new full time driver. do you in canada get programmed to get those new leads?
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    Captque, and you think that we, in the lower 48, really believe your posts? But you people have been known to fudge the truth a tad!!!
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    WOW....380% huh....Thats a pretty big jump there eh? We actually had a division manager run the show here not too long ago. I forgot his name but I am sure it will come to me.To tell you the truth, he was pretty hard core and would probably piss his pants if he looked at your posts. .Btw have you heard any good ones is the thread where you place the jokes.[​IMG] Steve Flowers was his name.
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    Dannyboy--UPS doesnt need to create new jobs to give us the 22.3 jobs we earned. They simply add 2 part time jobs together. No volume increase is needed for this. There is no excuse for them to be so far behind--they are still catching up from the previous contract.

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    dannyboy, are you driver or a supervisor. You talk like you a sup believing in the bs management blows are way. How many pt drivers work more than 8 hours and or cover posted ft routes.