Where are they getting their rates?????



I have seen many news articles where a person has sent a fedex,usps,airborne and a UPS package and our rate has been way too high. Higher then the published rates.Like 3 to 4 times. Are they comparing apples to apples or are they doing something different. I have checked nad someone is over charging for the UPS package. Why isnt someone checking these things out
. Ship it UPS and the rates wont reflect these rates.


I'm confused not only on the rates being wrong but on time-in-transit and quality of service. I have been using UPS over 30 years and only once did i have a lost package (out of about 1500 shipped.)

I also see "reviewers" or reporters ship via several different shippers and always UPS is near the bottom in Time-in-transit and cost. Again that's not my experience. UPS almost always gets it there on time for me, but never for reporters.

Whats up? Is it UPS or is it the reporters?

(See latest article in the Brown Cafe for example.)


It seems these type of stories emerge around holiday time. As usual, UPS is seen as an overpriced, slow method to ship.

Last week a tv reporter asked one of our drivers for directions to our center. He was delivering on E 110th St. and the center is located on E. 97th St. (Street addresses changed to protect identity). The UPS Center is easy to find. If a TV reporter can't find an address in a city with simple Street/Avenue directions, how can they tell the truth.

P.S. The story was very positive about UPS. A Suit pitched UPS's Internet shipping.