Where do I go to vote on new contract

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Tim Kitchens, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Tim Kitchens

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    In my hub no one is talking about the contract no one cares about the contract. I'm on the sort aisle and everyone has been there for over five to ten years. I never see a union representative I've only been there year I guess I just care too much because this is going to be my career so really all I'm asking how do I go about voting on the new contract
  2. as long as you are passed you probationary period and in the union you will get a ballot when it comes time to vote on it, make sure you attend you local meeting about it so you find out all the details of whats in it, thats what we are all waiting on
  3. rod

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    You should get an "official ballot" in the mail. Don't be like 85% ( the figure I heard of for the last contract) of the other part timers and throw it away. Its your future.
  4. Bagels

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    I ponder what % of the PT work force is eligible to vote, given that in RTW states most don't join the union & hence are ineligible.
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    Start going to your monthly membership meetings. There is probably a union bulletin board somewhere in your hub with a schedule of the meetings. If not, look up your local's website.

    Everyone should know their BA and shop stewards. I received this advice from a lawyer once: "It's always best if your [representative] can put a face to a case." You don't want to be a nameless case in a stack of form letter grievances if you ever get in trouble.
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    I like to vote in my living room.

    Not sending in your vote, is the same as a 'yes' vote.
  7. Or a no vote on a good contract.
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    It's more of an abstain than a yes, but yeah, everyone should vote once you get the details.

    The locals are getting the details on May 7th so vote won't be before that time and vote probably wouldn't be before the remaining locals hash out their supplements.