Where does the money go?

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    Is there any information regarding how the money paid to the union is utilized? Locally, each member pays a $150 initiation fee, and ~$35 monthly. As our night sort alone has over 250 employees and we have an incredibly high turnover rate (+/- 20 a week), this seems like a lot of money. Does the union have any kind of documentation that allows for or shows transparency for how this money is used?

    The math:

    20 new = $150 * 20
    230 old = $35 * 230

    ~$11,050 /month for only our night sort.
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    Every Local has a building, typically called a "hall" or sometimes a "Barn".
    In this opulent building Teamsters will gather, typically on a monthly basis, to trade war stories; discuss matters pertaining to Union business; vote on issues; and yes many Locals put their monthly income & expenditures on an overhead projector for the rank & file to view & question, line by line.

    Perhaps you might start there.
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    All income generated by union dues is closely monitored. Despite claims by republicans that "union dues" go directly to democrats, this is untrue. This income cannot be spent in that fashion. Its against the law. There is "hard" money and "soft" money.

    Each local is a business. It has an office or two with employees as well. The cost of maintaining these offices comes out of dues money. The salaries of the BA's and Officers also comes out of the dues money.

    In addition, there are many things behind the scenes that have to be paid for. Utilities, operating costs, furniture, leases, rents, promotions are just some of the expenditures that have to be paid out of union dues.

    There are bigger items that have to be paid as well, such as LAWYERS who are on retainers monthly. Sometimes that can be as high as 10k a month.

    The executive board has three trustees who must oversee all spending by the local, and NO MONEY can be spent by a local without a majority consent of the executive board.

    The votes by the executive board has to be documented and presented to the membership at the general membership meeting.

    Contract negotiations costs money as well. Lodging and travel also come out of dues money.

    The local also has to make investments with dues money monthly. Investing this money helps to grow the locals financial stability. Locals also buy buildings or property as investments with dues money.

    Dues money also is spent to serve the members, like BBQ's, outings, tshirts, hats and stuff.

    No money can leave the locals treasury without consent of the executive board. Any stories about presidents or sec treasurers going on spending sprees on themselves is simply not true.

    Yes, there has in the past been "embezzelers" in the teamsters, but those are criminals and not the daily practice of teamster locals. There are so many regulations that a union local has to comply with, its not even funny.

    You can always (as a member) walk into the local and ask to see the monthly reports. The trustees will sit down with you and review everything you want to see.

    Nobody ever does this, but it is your right as a member.


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    Here is a shot of my local. No wonder dues are so high!

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    ​The officers of my local are all supplied with these company cars.
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    Officers are also provided a light snack each day:

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    This is a good start, every local has to pay a per capita tax for every member to the IBT, this is where the most of your dues go. Some locals also have there own strike fund or are members of larger strike funds like for instance the Ohio Teamsters strike fund, which is a great deal for everyone involved. As was said, Local Unions must make their books public record and are audited many times a year. The IBT sends auditors randomly and law states we must have an independent accounting firm audit the books once a year. Depending on the size of the local that could run anywhere from 7k on up!! There is also taxes, insurance, benefits for the staff. Arbitration is very expensive as well. You must also remember that your local will have many other units other than UPS and are spending money on negotiations and grievance hearings for each and every unit!! It ain't cheap running a Union.

    If you really want to know where it all goes go to a meeting or two!!
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    There is a website, and also a member on here that will get you the PDF of your Own Locals report.

    In my local 41% of the dues go to the President and BA's and secretary income.
    Other parts of the dues goes to all the expenses of things listed above, as well as travel to grievance hearings and so on.
    Some Locals have Events to give back to them Members and some also give very nice Christmas Presents. My Local does the Christmas if you go to the meeting, and has in the past held great events.
    I believe some of the dues go to paying for your reps insurance and so on.. So as you can see the List is Very Long...

    Best thing to do is get YOUR Locals PDF... Or go to a meeting....
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    The PDF is a copy of the LM-2 forms, which every local has to submit to the Department of Labor every fiscal year. Here's a link to the database: Organization Query Page (Disclosure)

    Locals are also required to hand out reports on/discuss the monthly finances each meeting.
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    Morning start at the International...

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    $150 initiation fee? Never heard of that.
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    Typically... where the Local's offices are located... or where the monthly meeting is held... would be the "Union hall".

    A "barn" refers to a location.... where Union Members work. :wink2:

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    This thread title resembles a conversation many of us have had with our spouses.
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    It doesn't matter. The money is taxation without representation.
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    This is your chance.... Lets hear your story.

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    You could always go get a job at FedEx if you don't like it
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    Where does the time go??
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    You should be more worried about where your tax money goes. How many people in congressman / women do you know of that are woking pay check to pay check or will ever have to worry about there next pay check when they leave there position.

    'm making $32 + hr because of the union, I don't pay a dime for my health insurance because of the union, I have a pension because of the union, etc. Go ask a Fed ground / home delivery or even Air driver what they are making and what benefits they get.
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    Sure, don't give me a raise. FedEx Express employees talk so much trash but for the workload (this slaveship) they'll take half the work for half the pay. FedEx Ground is another story.

    Have anymore FedEx comments you want to make?
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    They have a pension, no raises in four years, however, half the work and half the pay. They start or started at $16.10 a few years ago.

    FedEx Express employees don't have it as bad as everyone thinks. If you are waiting ten years to bid on a route, within 1-3 months you'd be driving at Express. Management is much more professional.

    FedEx Express also gets to transfer to wherever station they want in the U.S. as long as there is an opening and your contract/term is fulfilled. 75% off shipping, $75-100 round trip tickets (on standby). And $300 international.

    So yes, while a UPS Driver makes $32.XX, no out of pocket, etc. All that stuff will slowly go away and it is. In ten years at $16.10 you're way ahead of the game. Like I said UPS is slowly fading out bennies.

    FedEx Ground workers are the ones getting dogged, Express is totally different.

    It depends on what the person wants.

    FedEx Express - less stress/quicker turnaround/some options/breathing room
    UPS - more money/potential to wait forever/locked into your location/always feel like you're in trouble

    UPS bennies look great on paper, but are you sure you won't being paying $1000 a month for healthcare when you retire? Is that pension fund going to be there in 20 years? That $3500 a month retirement sounds great, not so great at $2500, and worse at $0. These are all questions that should be asked.

    We don't even know what TC is...
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