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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by actionjackson, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. actionjackson

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    How do I find the blasted effing phone number for people to call and confirm my employment with UPS? I can't find it anywhere. If anybody has a link to where I can find this info, I would appreciate it.
  2. AirDriverAmy

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    Do you have the number to HR or maybe the number to your center.
  3. RedYeti

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    Need proof of employment?
    Give the person needing proof of your employment (the verifier), the following information:
    • Your Social Security Number
    • Employer Code for United Parcel Service: 11463
    • The Work Number Access Options:
  4. Fnix

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    Dont forget to give them your CC #, Check #, CC Pin and Routing #
  5. raceanoncr

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    And names of children, their SS #'s, samples of their DNA, clay imprint of your house key, alarm code, how much beer you drink, how many times you've dissed spouse, how much you like animals, copies of photos you took of neighbor in the pool, copies of photos you took of YOU in pool, copies you took of YOU and NEIGHBOR in pool.
  6. speedbug

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    Go to www.upsers.com, there is a phone number there that people can call to confirm your employment.
  7. Call HR?

    haha hahaha hahahaa

    our center/hub is awsome.. hr calls from a number that doesn't accept incoming phone calls. you call the number you get a recording say the service has been suspended or disconeected WI 0165 hahahaha so convienent...

    I guess a kid I worked with waited 45 minutes to get the web address to apply for earn and learn money.. nice.

    ww6.edcorp.com/ups ... i think i typed it in 4.5 seconds but i stopped to have a drink of soda in the process.