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    I know that this could "out" most all of you but I'm wondering if anyone has had the cajones to make the call. You know, call OSHA for a violation at UPS.

    I once had a very big problem working as an Overgoods clerk. They had put the Haz Mat area right next to my station. No wall, no vents, basically just stuck it there because they had no where else to put it. I made a huge stink about it and finally got them to change a few things about it, but still not up to code or my liking. I was so disgruntled about it I was seriously thinking about blowing the whistle on UPS but didn't know since I made such a big deal about it if my cover would be kept safe. While in the middle of all this, I actually couldn't finish it off as I got a transfer back to my original building for another clerk position. I heard that they didn't do a damn thing about the haz mat area since I left and nobody else picked up where I left off.

    My question is, has anybody blown the whistle for an OSHA violation on UPS? Did it work and did OSHA keep your anonymity?
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    Just like the old t.v. show...Baretta.......Dont go to bed, with a price on your head!
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    I've never really thought about calling OSHA, I have thought about calling the UPS 1800 number a few times, which usually does the trick. We have a bay door that has a rain guard that hangs down, so anytime someone put a swing door trailer in there you couldn't close it. So we were forced to pull the trailer out with open doors, then get out and close them ourselves. I didn't like this because I didn't want to break a door off and be blamed for it. So I texted my manager, he looked at it, and they decided instead of fixing it to just stop putting swing door trailers in there. This worked for a week then they went back to it. They gave me the same door to pull off and I refused to pull it without the doors latched, as well as a few others. I told them I was going to have to call the 1800 number if it wasn't fixed and a few days later it was. I don't think I would ever call OSHA unless it was my last resort. For some reason I just have a feeling that if I did something like that it would grow into something a lot bigger than I wanted it to be. Also I hate when OSHA or Liberty Mutual people come on the yard, management has a cow, and they start making you take test, watching you more carefully and doing all the safety BS that is not necessary, but makes them look like they are doing something.
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    Yes, I have filed OSHA charges, but never considered trying to do it anonymously?
    Exhaust all other avenues and accept that by then, you will get full credit, whether it was you or not.
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    Osha showed up here not too long ago. Escorted by law enforcement, he said its to keep the boss under control. (apparently thats an issue with some employers when the law shows up to tell you that you cant be a :censored2:.) Someone else said it's because the company was in contempt for previous violations. as far as I know anonymity was kept. I believe thats the law. I heard the center manager chewed his fingers raw.
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    Can you hear the whistle-blowing, rise up so early in the morning. Can't you hear the captain shouting, Dinah, blow your horn
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    CALLING OSHA won't get you much more than a faxed summons to the office

    WRITING a letter and signing it, with a phone number for you to be reached at included, will get a personal visit from an agent and they absolutely will keep your name hidden from the management.

    Dont be afraid to send a letter. You can trust them 100% and the agent will keep your name and conversations private.

    It may set off some whistles and bells for a while but the 800# is a joke unless you're reporting to document info for future use.
    Don't forget to write down and keep your report number if you call. It's just more information to hang them with.
    Keep the local union out of it unless they are truly supporting the members or they can short circuit your claim.
    Been there and it worked out very well.
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    I've done it, just file anonymous

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    Makes the heads that you want spun, spin.

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  10. 10 point

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    We found it was better to give a contact name, phone number and sign the letter because they will contact you in the future to see if the company is still compliant with their served paperwork.
    They also keep you up to date on proceedings and the target result.

    IF there becomes an issue with harassment from management for contacting OSHA just remind them of the "whistleblower act" and they'll back off immediately.
    Google it and you'll see why.
  11. EmraldArcher

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    Can I file an OSHA complaint about the :censored2: that is smeared all over the walls of the stalls in the bathroom? It's literally been there for years.
  12. Jackburton

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    If it hasn't stayed put and has rolled down, it's probably management's
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    Document, document and document. 1800 number is very useful when things are documented. Period.

    This includes things you see as a safety or OSHA concern, or something such as harassment.
  14. wage EARNER

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    You can submit a complaint to OSHA via their online form. https://www.osha.gov/pls/osha7/eComplaintForm.html
    The hazard description you submit on the form will be faxed to the company word-for-word. So, if you wish to remain anonymous, use discretion in your writing. OSHA will follow up with a call to you at your personal number before they fax the complaint to the company, but your name will not be divulged to UPS.

    Submitting a complaint to OSHA is soooo easy, I wish I had done it 15 years sooner.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have never called OSHA but have called the ethics hotline and was quite satisfied with the results.
  16. Bubblehead

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    Of course he was calling on himself....
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  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Actually I called on a center manager who was paying an injured employee 8 hours to stay home while on TAW.

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    How heinous!
  19. 10 point

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    Employees are not required to be on TAW if it aggravates their condition.
    Coding them as TAW while on WC is a temptation for mgmnt I'm sure.

    The 800# investigations are pretty much lame and the company CAN get your ph no off the 800 log if theyre paying for the service FYI.
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    And Jimmy cracked corn...
    Make me wonder how Dave picks his spots and why?