Why Amazon Needs to Dump UPS and Fedex

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    Why Amazon Needs to Dump UPS and Fedex - Investopedia

    Seldom is there a company that’s as dependent on others as Amazon.com Inc (AMZN) is dependent on Fedex Corp (FDX) or United Parcel Service Inc (UPS). The e-commerce giant sends out over 300 million packages a year and spent $13 billion on fulfillment costs in fiscal 2015. With fast shipping such a key component of Amazon’s business, shareholders should demand a fail-proof shipping service that is scalable and can handle Amazon’s future growth. Neither Fedex nor UPS can provide that service.
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    I like the last sentence. I would like to see Amazon meet our service levels with their own people. Their poorly compensated employees can't even properly package a box or put on a label correctly.
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    Yes using the USPS will get it there so much quicker region to region. Whoever wrote this has no clue.