Why is Christmas such a threat to some people?

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    Secularists: ‘Merry Christmas Charlie Brown’ Violates Constitution

    They are after Charlie Brown now.

    An Arkansas secular group is defending its opposition to public school

    students being allowed attend a performance of “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown”
    while rejecting claims they had declared a ‘war on Christmas.’

    Secularists: ‘Merry Christmas Charlie Brown’ Violates Constitution | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes
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    You are kidding??
    Charlie Brown violates ???
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    How do you feel about Ramadan?
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    EMPTY !!! :rofl:
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    These are the kinds of basic consitutional issues people like you just dont understand. There is a "separation" between church and state at play in this scenario. You have a public school that teaches all students, not a PRIVATE SCHOOL.

    This public school wants to take children OUT OF THE SCHOOL and to a local church, for a CHURCH performance of Charlie Browns Christmas which is "RELIGION" based. The school has NO RIGHT to take children to ANY CHURCH for ANY reason to view, teach or promote ANY certain religion.

    Would you feel the same if the kids were taken to a mosque to celebrate a RAMADAN celebration show?

    The school said this :""
    “The teachers wanted to provide an opportunity for cultural enrichment for students through a holiday production and are supported by the principal,” spokesperson Pamela Smith told Fox News. “Because it will be held at a church, as some public events often are, a letter was sent home with students so parents who took exception and wished to have their children remain at school could do so.”"

    But attorneys with the Alliance Defending Freedom said the secular group is way off base.
    An overwhelming majority of Americans agree that it’s okay to celebrate Christmas in schools and in the public square,” attorney Matt Sharp said.

    The problem with this statement is simple, its INCORRECT.

    This PLAY is NOT on school property or the public square, its in a church.

    The "freethinkers" say this ""The society said public schools should not take students to churches to see plays with religious content.""

    They are correct. NO student should be put into a position where they are taken from a school to any church for any religious production. NO student should be put into a situation where they would have to object to such a journey and later face scrutiny or ridicule from other students for doing so.

    The school has NO RIGHT to create such a mess in the first place. Religion should be taught at home, and teachers have NO RIGHT to attempt to teach any religious beliefs on students just because "they" think its "cultural".

    Sorry Texan, but the school is wrong.


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    It is ideological comprised of seven core principles (Nguzo Saba): Unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith.

    Not bad for a made-up holiday.
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    I do not go to court over it.
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    I attended a public school system
    I played in Christmas concerts and I even sang those evil secular songs.
    I do not recall anyone teaching me how to believe.

    And now you are holding class on BC?

    Why can't you relax and show us the real guy behind all the hateful spirited crap spewing from your finger tips?
    Why can't you share something that feels good?
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    My constitutional rights to free speech feels good, understanding how that constitution applies to ALL americans is the "FEEL GOOD" stuff it was intended to be.

    Its time for Christians to BACK OFF the dogma of attempting to hold christmas hostage and parade it around like they OWN it.

    People have the right fundamental right to believe what they want without ANYONE forcing their religious beliefs onto them.

    If they disagree, they also have the right to privacy with their beliefs and placing them into a situation where they have to announce those beliefs in front of others is a violation of that right to privacy.

    Every year, FOX news and the christian right seem to want to attempt to show the country that they OWN christmas, and I say, STHU.

    In Santa Monica California, FOX news ran a story about some christian group wanting to publicly display a nativity scene on public property, they went to court and FOX news and the talking heads said they would prevail in court.

    Unfortunately for BOTH, the christian group LOST.

    Another defeat for the christian right at parading their views of christmas.

    You want to feel good? Then try standing up for all americans rights, and not just your own.


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    North Carolina Students Told They Can’t Sell “Christmas Trees” For Charity, Must Be Called “Holiday Trees”…

    North Carolina community college has been accused of violating the First Amendment rights of
    students after they told a club they could not use the word “Christmas” to promote a Christmas tree sale.

    “It’s ridiculous that anyone would have to think twice about using the word ‘Christmas’ as part of a
    Christmas tree sale,” said Matt Sharp, an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom.

    The student club, called the BEST Society, was planning to sell the Christmas trees to raise money
    for Angel Tree, an organization that provides Christmas presents to children.
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    The ones in this modern era of hate and anti-Christ that scream the loudest, and go to court
    so indignant, are those that hate all things that revolve around Christ.

    I believe all that scream and holler about this are trying to quite that still small voice in their heart
    that gently shares Yeshua / Jesus is the Truth.

    Ponder this, it can set you free.

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    Maybe it all comes down to the church's auditorium is the biggest......so events are held there.

    Then all the "screamers" look like the fools that they are.
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    They should just call them PAGAN trees.

    All about the Christmas tree: Pagan origins, Christian adaptation and secular status


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    Did you read the story? Its clear the school said it was the "CHURCHES" production of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Charles Shultz clearly gave the cartoon a christian meaning and included scripture into the show.

    You cant separate that from the story.

    YOU CANT TAKE KIDS OUT OF SCHOOL and take them to a church, synogogue, mosque, buddist temple and present to them a story based on a type of religion.

    Just because they attempt to use Charlie Brown as an innocent figure, the meaning is still behind the curtain. Not everyone is a christian, and deserves to have their privacy protected. Giving them an "OPTION" to sit out the trip only invites ridicule for those students by other students.

    This had nothing to do with the size of the venue moreluck, it was about "cultural education" as stated by the schools principle.

    You cant do that.


  17. island1fox

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    Of course LIBERAL indoctrination does not take place in our schools.

    Seperation of Church and State -----All Politicians and Goverment workers cannot take off the FEDERAL holiday CHRISTMAS. :wink2:
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    There is no more religious nut than an Atheist.
  19. The Other Side

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    At least you admit the Christmas excersize is "INDOCTRINATION"..

    Your progress is remarkable.


  20. The Other Side

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    One of the most prominent founding fathers THOMAS PAINE was an atheist. Was he a nut as well? And if so, what does that say for the form of democracy he helped to establish?