Why Liberals Should Embrace Free Markets

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    And don't assume the title means that conservatives do embrace a free market either.

    continued at:
    'The End of Loser Liberalism' and the myth of the free market
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    The bottom point there is something I mentioned to TRP a while ago but he wasn't understanding my POV. smash the taft-hartley act and the NLRB/NLRA, as well as minimum wages. That's a good start.
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    Agree 100%. Minimum wage IMO works to instill a price floor for aggregate demand in surplus consumer goods while also hurting labor in abandoning the "dark satanic mills" of the industrial corp. state. Instead of independent craftsman, tradesman and entrepreneurs we fall prey to the cartelized state protected economy benefiting big corp. power and become a bunch of "rats in a cage!"

    Worse thing unions accepted was gov't regulation that in truth defanged their power for corp. benefit. When unions thanks to labor laws that many of them wrongly embraced reduced unions to pure contract maintenance, the relevance of unions for the average working folk was also thus reduced. Unions need to go back, find their roots and begin to re-assert themselves towards those traditions.

    When unions abandoned the mutual aid society ideal, it left itself wide open for decline and it has.

    Sleeve, you might enjoy reading Kevin Carson's "Labor Struggle, A Free Market Model"

    Labor needs to rediscover it's pre-gov't intervention roots IMO and you'll see union ranks including a lot of white collar folk swell in numbers.

    BTW: You'd never see Big Bill Hayward kissing a sitting President's ass for some illusion of political gain for the Wobblies!
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    Yes I have checked out "Labor Struggle" in the past, thanks for linking. And you are right-on about Hayward. ;) lol