Why must the IBT rely on physical intimidation in the UPSF campaign?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by nospinzone, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. nospinzone

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    Since the APWA submitted their petition for an election at the Gaffney barn, the Teamsters have displayed their conventional tactic of "silent intimidation". Why people tolerate this passive-aggressive behavior is beyond me. This behavior is exhibited as follows: usually there are two or three men, decked out in their spiffed up IBT local jackets with each one making full utilization of a domineering stare to intimidate, or call into question an employees manhood or character for wanting to attend an APWA meeting. On several occasions over the past two years, such "guidos" have landed themselves in the local sheriff's office for using more than their threatening glares at APWA meetings.

    So now we see the IBT playing the same game in Gaffney. Instead of offering reliable information to advance their arguements, the local in Gaffney believes it would better suit their cause to post these mindless "soldiers" (in the mafia sense) to intimidate and deter any of these employees from openly discussing pro-APWA issues and ideas outside the security gate or in the parking lot.

    Why is intimidation one of the IBT's few reliable methods of persuasion? Surely they can find a better way to advance their position than to use this passive-aggressive intimidation? We don't see the APWA using intimidation in their discussions. During the campaign in Kansas City, typically an APWA leader was flying in on the weekends to hold meetings to discuss and answer questions, which was supplemented with phone calls.

    Actions speak louder than words. And the fact that the IBT's message doesn't have enough content and validity on its own merit that it requires two henchman to stand at a guard gate 24/7 speaks volumes to me.

    But thats just my opinion.
  2. wildgoose

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    How else could they convince people not to join any other organization other than intimidating casue thats how they do their business when they aren`t showing any moral character by being diplomatic in their actions ! Cutting off the union dues would probably bring out other weapons of mass distruction. NLRB is starting to hand out suppenas down south and has a few of the intimidators crapping in their pants now :crying:. Maybe even a couple of BA`s too ? Union is still not taking care of grienvences down south and telling the dues payers that their working on it in the mean time it looks as if they are brushing it under the carpet. The company doesn`t always act in the right way but one wonders which is the lesser of two evils ?
  3. Cole

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    Obviousley the ones doing that have no clue how to show real power through representing their members, but would rather try the scare tactics as one would predict. Those wil be the Teamsters worse enemies, as they portray what a number of people perceive of the Teamsters.
  4. 705red

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    Just because someone stands outside the gates with an ibt jacket doesnt mean their harrasing anyone. We have been organizing the freight side here for a while now, and i can promise you that none of us have tried intimadating anyone no matter their beliefs one way or the other. If there is anyone from chicagos frieght area on here the can attest to that. Some have asked for us not to talk to them around the barns and some have asked us not to come to their homes and we are respecting their choices. No one will vote for the representation under fear so it makes no sense at all, but i did not notice any newspaper article links to prove your post so i believe that you feel they are out there to intimadate instead of possibly organizing on their part.
  5. krash

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    Seems like I heard where APWA used an armed guard to remove someone just because they wanted to ask questions. Sounds like APWA is a bunch of hypocrites
  6. nospinzone

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    And the vandalism and assault charges were just incidental, unrelated occurences, right? Would the police reports help us understand your definition of hypocrites? I doubt it. Your reality is far removed from the rest of the world and any kind of proof in black and white would never bridge that gap.

    Let's not patronize one another, red. People did vote for IBT out of fear. Prime example is Indianapolis. APWA and supporters in Indy had successfully blocked the IBT petition last year; however, several of those supporters withdrew their cards after a few employees wound up in the ER after "falling down some stairs" and "loosing control of their golf cart". Now we go to Gaffney where your "organizers", who I doubt are doing much talking and distributing of information, only serve a purpose of disuading open discussion of their options out of fear of retribution. Do we really expect us to think that the IBT has gotten right with Jesus and has left their most effective modus operandi in organizing new units?
  7. Pollocknbrown

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    Love how no spin kinda dodged that and decided to retaliate with my unsubstantial accusations against the IBT....... nice work
  8. nospinzone

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    Yesterday while driving home from work, an old lady flipped me the bird. Now, surprisingly that event didn't make it into my newspaper this morning, but that doens't mean it didn't happen. Just because a newspaper doesn't find the IBT's passive-aggressive intimidating henchman at a security gate in Gaffney to be newsworthy doesn't demean the reality that the IBT's reliance on non-intellectual persuasion has an influence on the labor election process.

    And that wasn't a dodge. That was ignoring a baseless arguement.
  9. BigUnionGuy

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    I have challenged you before in previous threads....

    Do you even work for UPS ??

    If you have FACTS... Then post them. Show Proof...

    All you are is the apwa's mouthpiece.... Wanna be "Locker Room Lawyer"............

  10. nospinzone

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    BUG does such a good job at saying what the IBT really thinks about us UPSer's. Thats why its always a pleasure when he graces us with his witty, inciteful posts. See what BUG implies by his previous comment is that when someone expresses an opinion backed by some thought, this obviously means they have no business driving a truck for buster brown. Because as we all know, there's no such thing as an intelligent truck driver who can use words with more than three syllables.

    Say BUG, how are things in your part of the country? How's the view of the Bay today from your office which was paid for by our hard work and dues?
  11. krash

    krash Go big orange

    Again allspin, when faced by one concerned UPS Teamster with legitimate questions you and your goons sicked your armed guard on him. Yep, those must be some meetings. All the questions must be pre-approved or you will be escorted to the door. Don't want any tough one's to expose the crook's that yall are. Yes, your a hypocrite. Claiming "intimidation" by others when thats exactly what you use at a meeting when questioned.

    Now just how many locations have voted yall in???? Hmmmmmm?
  12. Pollocknbrown

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    I would like to believe what you say about, how a newspaper would not find that the IBT is trying to keep other unions out of places it is or will try to unionize (idk what the IBT is doing with UPSF to be honest). However, if something like that was to go on up here in buffalo, and given the fact that most people already associate the IBT, except for the members themselves, with mafia-type- tactics to get what they want, that it may not make the front pages, but it will be someone in that newspaper. And anyways not like Kansas city has major news stories either, it isnt tornado season and the Chiefs signed larry johnson.:lol:

    And so u ignore baseless arugements but u bring up baseless accusations?
  13. Bill

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    Here's what I don't understand. Maybe you could explain it. If the election in Gaffney was to decide to allow the APWA to represent the workers, why were the Teamsters there? They weren't on the ballot. They had no business being there, other than to intimidate people from voting the APWA in.
  14. nospinzone

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    This is a point that has been overlooked. The IBT feels they have a better chance of success by refusing to have their name on the ballot at these elections. Each time the NLRB has called the Teamsters and offered them a place on the ballot. And each time the Teamsters have refused.

    And please don't use the argument that they are waiting for the Indy contract before they hold elections. The contract itself is not on the ballot. Only the selection of the bargaining agent. Although, I imagine that the contract that comes out of Indy will probably only further hurt the IBT's re-attempt at organizing Overnite.
  15. 705red

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    Did she have a teamster bumper sticker? Maybe thats why she gave ya the bird!
  16. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Im personally out there every 5 weeks or so talking with the freight members, and we dont have an election under way. So should we just stop doing what we have been doing because the almighty apwa has another barn all locked up(like kc), or should we just stop organizing for the time being and give this group(apwa) the respect that have not even earned yet? Look if you cant handle a little alleged heat from the teamsters, how do you think ups will treat you if you ever get in? I can tell you it wont be as easy as baking brownies and planting flowers, so man up and stand tall or put on the skirts and tuck tail but please stop crying!
  17. BigUnionGuy

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    See what I mean.... You can't even answer a simple question....

    Do you work for UPS ?? You try to imply that you do....

    But, that has been the continual "method of operation" of the apwa.

    Never give a straight answer.

    I give credit where credit is due.... sawman had the intestinal fortitude
    to post that the apwa lost in KC. He didn't cry about it.

    You, on the other hand, still try and make excuses.

  18. Fullhouse

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    Not sure what had taken place up there, but Ricky Maxwell,a BA for Local 509 was sighted at that location.
  19. Cole

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    Actually BUG, no offense to Saw, but I believe it was me that initially posted those results, not that it matters.
  20. DorkHead

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    On several occasions over the past two years, such "guidos" have landed themselves in the local sheriff's office for using more than their threatening glares at APWA meetings.

    No Spin, why must you resort to name calling?? I`m sure alot of Italian Americans wouldn`t be to happy being called a "GUIDO"
    You ask for respect, yet you don`t give any.
    Your passion for the APWA is admirable but you seriously lack credibility!!