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    [TABLE="width: 100%"]
    [TD][h=3]Labor Notes Conference[/h]
    May 4-6, 2012



    Saturday, Workshops D,

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    Assertive Grievance Handling (S)...CC-45

    Fighting grievances isn’t just about enforcing the contract.

    It’s about building union power on the job. This workshop for

    stewards and union reps will look at how to use the grievance

    procedure strategically, including how to choose your battles,

    prepare your case, and mobilize members to put muscle

    behind your grievances.

    Dan Campbell, Teamsters union rep (retired)
    Lorene Scheer, SEIU Local 503

    Beating Apathy...CC-44

    Are you beating your head against the wall trying to get other

    workers involved? This workshop is for you. Hear success

    stories from workers who turned their workplaces around and

    turned apathy into action. Learn practical organizing tools

    for mapping your workplace, talking to members, and taking

    Tracy Barrientos, Chicago Teachers Union
    Nichele Fulmore, Teamsters Local 391, UPS​
    Linda Leighton, SEIU Local 284, Minnesota school​

    employees, Twin Cities IWW Facilitator: Nick Perry, Teamsters Local 413

    Big Brother Is Doing More than Watching:

    Taking on Management’s Plans for


    From RFID monitoring, biometrics, video surveillance, and

    GPS tracking to computer-controlled workflow systems and

    automated guided vehicles, management is using technology

    to create workplaces where we are sped up, monitored,
    de-skilled, and eliminated. We’ll talk about how to challenge
    management’s technological plans, protect the union, and
    bargain over tech change.​

    Mark Cohen, Teamsters Local 804, UPS
    Katie Oppenheim, University of Michigan Professional Nurse​

    Council, NNU
    Tony Perlstein, Longshoremen (ILA) Local 1588​
    Facilitator: Charley Richardson, UMass Lowell Labor​
    Extension Program

    Bargaining Table Tactics...CC-46

    Learn skills and strategies to help your members and

    bargaining team win a strong contract. Issues include

    preparing for bargaining, finding pressure points, planning

    timelines, balancing different interests among the

    membership, two-way communication during bargaining, and
    confronting demands for concessions. Sandy Pope, Teamsters Local 805

    Secrets of a Successful Organizer, Part 1
    How do you get your co-workers to join you in building​

    union strength and taking on the boss at work? Learn proven
    strategies that get more members involved. This two-part
    workshop will cover the basics of successful organizing.
    Perfect for new activists or up-and-coming leaders. Part 1 will
    examine how to have effective organizing conversations; how
    to identify issues in the workplace; and how to spot other
    potential leaders. (This popular workshop is being given twice
    at the same time.)
    Joe Fahey, former co-chair, Teamsters for a Democratic Union

    Bringing the Heat to the Street: Using

    Direct Action...Love B

    Hear analysis of direct action in the Verizon strike, the fight

    against the EGT grain shipper in Longview, Washington, and

    the Sotheby’s struggle in New York City. This panel will cover

    the ups and downs of direct action tactics, working with the

    Occupy movement, and the legal do’s and don’ts that any

    serious activist should be aware of before taking the fight to

    the next level.

    Dan Coffman, Longshore Union (ILWU) Local 21

    Pat Fahy, Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 827
    Julie Hurwitz, civil rights attorney
    Julian Tysh, Teamsters Local 814​
    Facilitator: Eric Cobb, Painters union, Madison

    Saturday, Workshops E 2:00pm - 3:45 Assertive Grievance Handling...CC-46

    Fighting grievances isn’t only about how well you argue your
    case. It’s about organizing members to build pressure on
    management. This workshop for stewards and union reps will
    focus on how to win creatively without going to arbitration—or​
    sometimes without even filing a grievance. We’ll discuss the​

    do’s and don’ts of settling grievances as well. Sandy Pope, Teamsters Local 805

    Reformers in Office: Building a Strong​
    Winning your election is just the first step, and usually not the​

    hardest. Reformers everywhere run into challenges they didn’t
    anticipate and deal with forces beyond their control. We’ll​
    hear firsthand from union leaders who’ll share some secrets of​

    their reform successes and lessons they’ve learned from their
    Kristine Mayle, Chicago Teachers Union​

    John Samuelsen, Transport Workers Union Local 100
    Tim S, Teamsters Local 804 Facilitator: Lorene Scheer, SEIU Local 503

    Union Rights When Concessions Are

    When the boss asks for concessions, how do bargainers
    respond? You’ll want a list of counter-concessions required
    from management as a condition of granting any givebacks.​
    Participants will draft information requests, specific proposals,​
    and fall-back proposals, and will review possible language​
    choices. A must for officers and members who sit at the​

    bargaining table. Richard de Vries, Teamsters Local 705

    Secrets of a Successful Organizer, Part 2


    How do you get your co-workers to join you in building union

    strength? Learn proven strategies that get more members

    involved. The second part of this nuts and bolts series will

    offer ways to map your workplace; develop a winning plan

    of action with your co-workers; and craft different kinds of

    activity to maximize participation in the union. (This popular

    workshop is being given twice at the same time.)

    Joe Fahey, former co-chair, Teamsters for a Democratic Union

    Saturday, Workshops & Meetings F 4:15pm-6:00
    Teamsters Meeting...Haneda​

    Meet with Teamsters from across North America to talk
    about attacks on Teamster contracts and benefits, how our​

    International union and locals are meeting the challenge (or
    failing to), upcoming national contracts at UPS and in the
    freight industry, and more. The meeting will include reports from Teamster local leaders, stewards, and activists.

    Saturday, Workshops & Meetings G 6:00pm-7:30
    Ask the Experts...Kennedy

    Do you have a burning question for an experienced lawyer or
    other specialist? Whether it’s about your own pension, a direct

    action your Occupy group is planning, or an unsafe condition
    on the job, these experts can let you know your rights and
    discuss next steps. First come, first served.
    Grievances and Arbitration:
    Richard de Vries, Teamsters

    Local 705, will tell you how to anticipate an arbitrator’s
    reaction. Learn about resources to become a persuasive
    presenter of grievances and arbitrations and learn how to research a question

    Sunday, Workshops I 10:45am-12:30

    Challenging (and Changing) the Direction of

    Your National Union…La Guardia
    Hear about strategies for changing national unions from the​

    bottom up, including running for national office, winning
    the right to vote on top officers, functioning at national​
    conventions, and contract campaigns from below. Talk about​
    how to build caucuses to increase the rank-and-file voice in​

    national decisions.
    Claudette Begin, CUE/IBT, Teamsters convention delegate
    Ken P, Teamsters for a Democratic Union
    Leonard Riley, Longshoremen’s (ILA) Local 1422, Longshore
    Workers Coalition
    Hugh Sawyer, Locomotive Engineers Division 316
    Don Trementozzi, CWA Local 1400​
    Facilitator: Steve Early, labor journalist

    Contract Campaigns (S)…Haneda​
    Learn how to build a member-focused campaign long before​
    your contract expires. Member mobilization, campaign​

    escalation, creative tactics, and other building blocks of a good
    campaign will be discussed, including bringing in community​
    allies and taking the fight directly to management.​

    Jeff Clark, Steelworkers Tesoro Council
    Walter Taylor, Teamsters Local 814, New York City movers​
    Facilitator: Stefan Ostrach, Teamsters Local 206

    Defending Pensions…Love B​
    Employers from the Fortune 500 on down are looking to​

    dump traditional pensions and retiree benefits. Learn how
    unions are successfully fighting back to defend their pensions,​

    what information you’ll need to extract from the company in
    bargaining in order to hang on to what you’ve got, and how
    recent changes in the law may affect your retirement.
    David Cohen, United Electrical Workers (UE) Jason Ide, Teamsters Local 814

    Economics of Concessions in a Small

    Learn how to cost out a wage cut: what it will mean to
    members and how much the employer will save—and discover
    ways to shave meaningful dollars off an employer’s proposal. Richard de Vries, Teamsters Local 705
    For more info: Call Labor Notes at 313-842-6262
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    What a shocking surprise, Brother Joe is going to Labor Notes!
  3. brown_trousers

    brown_trousers Active Member

    Lol.. did you have to quote that whole thing?
  4. Inthegame

    Inthegame Well-Known Member

    Sorry, bad habit.
  5. Brother Joe

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    Labor Notes gives the members & reformers the tools they need to fight back against the companys & company sucks, to build a strong union!
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    Inthegame, I don't get it. I see a union member on here trying to get other members involved and informed. You seem to bash him for any attempt he makes at this. Aren't we all on the same team? I would think the company's best strategy at weakening the union is to divide and conquer the members? You seem to be helping their cause. I'm not defending Brother Joe but at least he's trying.
  7. hembone

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    Going through life hating and being mad at everything makes for a miserable existence.
  8. hembone

    hembone New Member

    Mostly all he does is gripe and brag. Haven't read any solutions.
  9. Inthegame

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    I agree we should be on the same team. TDU and Labor Notes aren't my idea of successful strategy to get where we need to go, but I do appreciate Brother Joe's enthusiam. I prefer getting involved at the local level, maybe as a steward, get to know how your local operates, how business reps perform their duties. If things aren't up to snuff, get vocal. If you're ignored, get real vocal by running for office. TDU can help in that but we're up against some major challenges these days politically that TDU ignores. Last years IBT election showed me TDU has lost the shine they had in the early 90's. Sandy Pope was the best candidate since Carey and she finished last. The TDU strategy doesn't work. We have to change the IBT from the locals up and that means involved members at the local level. TDU and Labor Notes wants to fight everyone at the same time. I'm sure if I sat and had a beer with Brother Joe, we would agree on many issues.
  10. Brother Joe

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    Ignorance is bliss!
  11. Brother Joe

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    A squeaky wheel gets a greasing! It ain't braging if its true! -Muhammad Ali
    The last contract was unacceptable. The next one will be worse if we don't do something about it. We need to organize the rank & file nationally for a better contract. I have solutions : educate, agitate & organize. The first thing I am doing is educating the membership.
  12. Brother Joe

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    TDU has a successful strategy. It got us the right to vote, Ron Carey & the 97 strike victory. Study that history, therein lies the key to victory. We need to get involved on a local level, rank & file style. We need to get members from the shop floor involved for a better contract. There are going to be a variety of tactics that need to be used based on the conditions on the ground in the various locals. That being said pressure will need to be put on ups as well as the IBT from the rank & file. That being said, the more locals we can get on board the better. The fight for a better contract is the immediate struggle. Yet it is but a part of the big picture. We then need to organize for the next election so what has happened since Carey does not continue. I don't go to golf with the company & I dont have beer not to mention with sucks. (The cops would have to come & get me off their buts thats how I'm going out) I say I forgive but I don't forget, but I've been told I don't forgive by more than one person & they're probably right.
  13. Brother Joe

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    You should try golfing sometime, its very relaxing and its better than drinking shooters and having bathtub races on a highway near a 100 foot cliff. You don't like the company , you don't like cops , you are just one person with a ton of issues in your miserable TDU life. YOU ARE A JOKE...JUST LIKE THE TDU.
  15. hembone

    hembone New Member

    Get specific,what are some things you want in the next contract?
  16. hembone

    hembone New Member

    I retired last year (sorry Upstate) and the only things that I was not satisified with were the unreasonable dispatches and unreasonable time allowances. I will say after my manager rode with me on a 3 day OJS and we still ran overallowed my supervisor didn't give me a hard time about that anymore. But the long hours did get old.
  17. Brother Joe

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    You should try getting involved in the union. Golfing is too bourgeoise for me. I prefer hitting the heavy bag. Tell me why I would like the company or the cops? One is the carrot & the other is the stick. They are both on the same side & its not the workers. Most members are fed up with the company but they don't believe in the leadership of the IBT. If you don't have a ton of issues you are a sleep at the wheel. So we are in gandhis second stage? One positive thing I can say about you is your biodegradable.
  18. iamamember

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  19. Brother Joe

    Brother Joe New Member

    How does that contribute to the discussion?
  20. CharleyHustle

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    Okay, Lets try this:

    I think that giving the rank and file the "right to vote" is the single biggest reason we can't get "better" contracts in any industry, let alone UPS. Everything, and I mean everything is now a political football, with one side's "better" the other side's"worst". We have a political divide in our union that frames every issue for reelection or election posturing. If any "rank and file" member takes an opinion or side they are called a "scab" or a "suck". Most hard working people in the transportation industry don't like to be called names, so they withdraw from the process. If you don't think that company execs don't take note of our squabbling, well you're just being silly.