WHY? or maybe THANKS!

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    I worked at UPS for over 20 years. Member of safety team, Leader of driver training driver program, need me to work over to help someone else? No problem. I was a day one 18 plus year safe driver. I never put a scratch on a pkg car. If a supervisor or manager needed a favor they came to me. Gave a 110 percent everyday. Then in July of 2005 a tractor-trailer driver decided to make a u-turn from the emergency lane. Fourteen months of injections, surgery and therapy I went through to try to ger better. They told me I was at maxium medical improvement and would not be able to return . I nearly killed myself in therapy to get back to work only to find out six months later that scar tissue had built up and my back would lock up with spasms. With this being a workmans comp. injury they wouldn't even talk to me about giving me another position that would meet the restrictions that I have. When I went back to work UPS came to me fast to settle the case which I did because I had no intentions on taking them to court. I didn't expect to be out six months later with more problems. Since I settled the case I became medical only. So from Feb. until Oct. I recieved no money only benefits. I have since had to resign to recieve my reconcideration for the workmans comp claim. The amount that I recieved was very low compared to losing a great paying job. Just wanted to put this out there in case there is anyone else who may have a similar situation occur. And to everyone take care of yourselfs because UPS isn't going to take care of anyone.
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    Dont you get a pension of any sort?
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    "...because UPS isn't going to take care of anyone."

    You've been here 20+ years. You already knew that.
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    Did you hire an attorney???? From what I see the accident was the tractor trailer drivers fault and now you can't return to work??? I ask again YOU didn't hire an attorney????
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    Seems nice guys finish last. Makes you wonder dont it.
    Every night as I am sliding around on peoples icy drives and steps, I say a little prayer, as I know one fall and I could be done, and the only one who will care or be affected is me. I wish you the best.
    My husband is going for those back injections now, they seem to take the edge off, but its a life long injury which only gets worse. Ill say a prayer for ya.
    Try to have a Merry Christmas and as others say, get a lawyer.

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    Sorry man, really sorry.
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    I'm also sorry to hear what has happened to you. Too bad nice guys don't even get to finish.
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    I do get the pension that i had built up when I get to retirement age in 22 more years, and I do have an attorney that is working on the third party case. The workmans comp laws in TN are very much in favor of the employer.
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    There is a plan I'm pretty sure for people with 20 years any age