Will Dale race The Truck??

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    From Macon.com..Jarrett said that the possibility of him running a Busch Series or Craftsman Truck Series race hasn't been discussed, perhaps leaving the door open for him to race a UPS truck in the Craftsman Truck Series. UPS' NASCAR advertising campaign since 2001 has been built around urging Jarrett to race a UPS truck.

    So will Jarrett race the truck?

    "I'm game for it," Jarrett said. "Maybe UPS will decide to do something different. I'm at their mercy, whatever they want to do is what I will do."
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    That last line makes it sound like UPS invited him to leave. I thought his leaving was his choice. Maybe not?
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    The only race Jarrett can win nowadays, could be a horse and buggy.
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    Please be nice to Dale. It only took him 30+ races to score his first top 20. How pathetic!