Will I be laid off after christmas ?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by NewBrownGuy, Oct 21, 2013.

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    I was hired as a package handler on October 7th and I'm basically doing the job for the benefits and plan on staying at ups through college, my trainer assured me that we were not hired as seasonal workers but after reading some stuff on here and talking to people around the company it's become obvious that we will not likely be kept after Christmas. I'm on a 70 day probationary period and that period ends well after Christmas, I've showed up to work daily and worked my tail off each and everyday but If I'm going to be let go after Christmas then honestly this job is not for me. So my question to you guys is, how likely is it that UPS will lay me off after Christmas ?
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    Very likely.
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    Yes. Yes u will
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    It all depends on where you work. Every yard is different in the way they do things. Best advice is to just do it until the end and see what happens. Opportunities might surface with the new contract.
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    Depends on the building. When I worked inside, was very rare for anyone to be laid off or let go. Would much rather have you or other similars do the same work, for a much lesser wage, and send home the high seniority guys who are just sticking around for bennies, go full time, etc.
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    package handler, maybe not. driver helper, yes.
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    Ask Santa
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    No judging by your brilliant well thought out post u will likely be promoted to part time sup before then.
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    Re: Will I be laid after christmas ?

    I sure hope so.......

    A little holiday humor :santa:
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    Think he has his eye on your route!.............Watch out..............lol
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    No at this rate he will probably be my center manager in 5 years.
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    That kid's just looking for an excuse to quit now....sounds like management material to me lol
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    What did your magic 8 ball say??? Either go by that or wait till December 26. You should know by the 26th.
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    Better be nice to youjr new sup!.lol...................but you probably arent too far from the truth!
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    It certainly depends. My center would keep everyone on but at the start of each shift would determine how many needed to be cut. They would ask for volunteers (most seniority would get first choice to go home if desired). If there wasn't enough volunteers, then lowest seniority gets sent home. So at least the new guys wouldn't be laid off for the extended period.
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    Being hired early Oct. I would say you have a good chance of staying on. Of course you will be layed off Christmas Eve and maybe couple days after. Remember UPS has extended peak into the first 2 weeks of January. Be day by day after that until spring and vacations kick in. Then you will not be able to get a day off.