Will I Get Terminated (Probationary Style)

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  1. Trollbe Bryant

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    Hey everyone so I recently got hired as a part time package handler and messed up already. I showed up late today for my first time and it's only the 2nd week into my probationary period.

    I'm trying to find out how many situations you have seen where a person on probationary period is late and still gets the job after the 30 days? Or more popular, gets fired?

    Now before you just go trolling and tell me not to show up to work tomorrow, here's my story.

    I have a good vibe for my supervisors and i've done a really good job. Both, in my opinion, and through feedback. My first day on the job I had 0 miss-packages and 0 out of sync orders. My performance has been good the whole time... but.

    Now.... this morning I showed up late to work. How late? Not very late at all but it's still stressing me out. Our unload time was set at 4 am and I thought I heard them say 4:15 over the intercom the day before. I showed up to work at 4:03 and clocked in at 4:06 but the head person who runs our safety briefs in the morning acknowledged I was late and was supposed to be there by 3:55. Now MY LUCK, today was our audit day.... this all being said, I made it before any belts were running and even before our belt supervisor pulled us together for our "meeting". I have a fire lit under my ass right now and i'm stressing over it. I'm not the type of person to habitually show up late. I am going to work early for the rest of my probationary period to try and ease my situation.

    I've already been told by HR that I was hired to become a permanent employee. NOT just seasonal.

    2 weeks into my probationary period. Do you think I will be terminated? If so, will I be terminated on the spot? Or when my probationary period ends?
  2. Trollbe Bryant

    Trollbe Bryant New Member

    Noted: i did perfect for our audit and had supervisors telling me i did a good job. Not even sure if the person who acknowledged I was late told anybody. I'm sure she had to of though
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    dude chill out. you will not get fired for being late. they need all the bodies they can get. just work hard and you will be fine.
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    Appreciate the quick response. I think the lack of sleep and all the :censored2:s on this forum are getting to my head.
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    just keep grindin