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    I been working pt for a year an make $11 a hour. Will I get a raise to equal new hire pay rate if it's higher than my Pay rate?
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    Without question all employees with pay rates below that of new hires will have their pay rate adjusted upward. However, with new hires starting out at $10, and incumbent employees who've attained seniority (put their 30 days in) set to earn the same 70c raise as everybody else, the only people affected by this will be the ones being hired in right about now.

    I wrote about how pay raises work for new hires/employees like you that are "in progression" in this thread yesterday:
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    10 % ...more pay....Equals 30 % more work!!!!!!!!!!!
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    That's cool with me I love to work !!!
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    I still cannot believe there is no catch-up raise for PTers. Even if new hires are making the same or close to the same rate as those who have put in a year of work, it's just not right. Those who have been with the company for a year are usally worth the money and serious about the job, while the vast majority of new hires just quit right away.