Will people actually contact NRLB?

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  1. If people did not get there ballots, do you think they will actually contact NRLB about it? What would NRLB do? If the contract passes anyway, can the NRLB over rule the vote?
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    Yes and it is being done as we speak. Hooray for the participation and this will prove tobe a
    ​a turning point once again for Youth in Labor.
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    People do contact the NLRB. I worked one place in a different trade. We voted to strike by 2 votes, walked a picket line for 2 weeks, meanwhile someone contacted the NLRB complaining that the replacement provisions hadn't been adequately explained at the union meeting before the strike vote.
    If I recall, basically if you go on strike an employer can consider that you have quit and hire replacement workers, (scabs). If the scabs are brave enough to cross a picket line and they work for your now ex-employer. If later the company comes to an agreement with the union and signs another contract you DON'T necessarily get your job back. (Although in most cases "rehiring" the striking employees is part of any agreement.
    This particular instance was a multi-employer contract we all got called to revote, prior to the vote the replacement law was gone over again. After the votes were counted the contract was approved by 2 votes. Two weeks on a picket line in Jan in NJ for NOTHING!!!
    Probably what turned the tide was some people going 2 wks without a check.
    Don't really know what would happen in a case of people not getting ballots. The above instance was an in person vote for less than 100 employees so the ballots could be counted while we waited.