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  1. For those who read the hypothetical questions I addressed concerning the environment I work in... I am in the process of transitioning out into a government job, but could take a while. A good buddy and fellow driver is also fed up with the long hours and poor conditions. We have been heavy and have been working a minimum of 12 hour days. We knowingly violate DOT times, especially on the days we take turns driving the late pickups back to the terminal 80 miles away. 15 hour day, easy. We've both agreed to quit. We've also agreed to accurately log our DOT times, to purposely violate and hopefully draw attention to this area. This means we'll log in scanner time at 0430, when we leave in the company vehicle, not at 0730(ish) after the sort. Even the SM has us do this. How many of these violations can we get before we get in serious trouble? Will this be an effective way to draw attention to these contractors? My end game is to get FedEx to hammer these contractors and improve conditions, without risking the jobs of the drivers. It seems like a good plan to me because 1) It's honest. 2) We can't be fired for being honest, and if we are, a lawsuit is in the works. I have no animosity towards the contractor. I only seek a better environment for my brothers at work. They are all solid guys. I'm on my way out, so if I rack up DOT violations, I don't care. I just don't want to get canned before I get a new job. Is this a good plan?
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    Do you both work for the same contractor? Two guys going over on the same day for the same contractor is likely to get him tarred and feathered immediately. Enough violations will probably result in driver disqualification. Only two guys though; if you could get a lot more people to do it, it could be effective. You want the station to show up on the radar of the district... anything local will get swept under the rug.
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    Document everything you do, especially the illegal actions you are being forced to take. Once you have sufficient evidence, submit it to your state DOT and also copy the federal government DOT. I always tell people to document anything you do that is illegal and/or questionable, because the burden of proof will always be on you. FedEx is quite good at denying responsibility and then trying to blame the employee for any illegalities.

    I think it's pretty clear from the conversations here and out on the road that this happens constantly and is pervasive in the Ground system. You are certainly articulate enough to compose a letter (with documentation) that will get the ball rolling with the authorities.
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    I'm all for bad contractors getting their due. Never falsify a dot doc. That is on you!
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    Not only is busting DOT hours a big fine for FedEx, but could be for you also. Think of upwards of 10K. Do you have that kind of money sitting around? Once you are out of DOT hours its up to you to pull over to the side of the road and call your manager/contractor to come get you. You are out of hours to drive anymore.
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    If you want Fedex to come down on the contractor, just stop falsifying immediately. Start violating and you will get their attention. Just bite your tongue when you start saying things like "...being forced to falsife," etc. Nobody's going to listen to that. Not Fedex, not the DOT.
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    over at HD, i know a guy in your similar service area situation & finally had the balls to ACCURATELY log in and go up to his 14 hour limit & to bring back code 27s (contractor did-not-attempts)... it was 6 times in the same year before he gets a suspension from the system.

    PS: ​glad you guys are on your way out to better pastures!
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    At least they didn't 34 or 07 them. I catch people doing that all the time. It's always interesting to try and get them to explain how they were in 3-4 towns all in the same minute.
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    HD's right. 6 violations of the 14 hour rule in a 12 month period and you get dq'd from driving. Break 70 hours in a week and you will really get their attention...
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    The contractor will just deny everything and say that he never forced anyone to violate DOT/FedEx policies.

    I like this. But, you might need a temporary job or collect unemployment until your gov't job starts.
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    Possibly true, but unlikely if you are a whistleblower and are being forced to go over hours or basically lose your job. FedEx will blame the contractor, so none of the splatter will get on them. This is by design...they know exactly what is going on.