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  1. Cali_Ups_14

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    Hi all! My first post in brown cafe so forgive whatever ignorance that might rub off. Any hoot to my question. I'm about 9 months in on employment at good "o" UPS and I decided to put in for air driver/cover. Now I know generally at my hub it can take about 5-8 years to get to FT driver. However because of recent developments and our hub being rebuilt and new route being added to our center, I'm curious as to how long I can "guess-estimate" it might take with regards to being a air/cover driver? From what I know on site, there are only 3-4 guys that have 8 years on me and other than that 3 other guys with 1-3 mos ahead of me in seniority. All the rest have already started cover driving and starting air driving. Any help?
  2. Overpaid Union Thug

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    The answer varies by building. Air drivers and cover drivers (Temp Cover Drivers or TCDs) are two different jobs and have separate bid lists. Right now it's rather quick to get into cover driving in the hubs and in certain small "extended centers." Becoming an Air driver is usually quick in any building.
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  3. barnyard

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    How the heck would we know??? We don't work at your building, don't even know the building you are in. Try asking someone that works in your building.

  4. JDA88

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    6-13 years out in Cali.
  5. Cali_Ups_14

    Cali_Ups_14 New Member

    Hey barn, the thing to that is, NOBODY knows at my center!!! But thanks for the OBVIOUS response
  6. BigBeef42

    BigBeef42 Active Member

    Its UPS, no one knows anything. Not even your supes supe.

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  7. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member

    They know.
  8. Pooter

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    He's not being a dick. It's impossible from our end to know since it varies from center to center. Took me 6 years to Air and 10 to FT.

    I would ask the Saturday sup on your center. He would have a pretty good idea.

    Luck also plays a part. You say only 8 people ahead of you but in reality it's a lot more. There are more employees in other shifts also that are ahead of you.

    So it's hard to give a estimate on wait times. Just fill out every bid you see and hope for the best.
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  9. barnyard

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    and, what if someone gives you a fairly accurate estimate and 2 or 3 people that have NEVER signed a FT bid, all of a sudden decide that now is the time?

    We have 1 in our center. He self-DQd 8 years ago and at the time said, "I'll go again someday, right now, raising my kids is more important." None of the current PT people were even employees when that happened. They are going to be surprised when his name shows up on a bid sheet sometime down the road.
  10. margaritaville

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    Probably zero days how things are going currently. Long as you sign the list.