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  1. shasta

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    I am doing a paper for school and would like to get some input from the females here at UPS. Some short stories from you would be great.
  2. helenofcalifornia

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    Well, according to a USA Today article many years back, only 6% of the work force is female. Out of 50 odd drivers in my center, only three drive. Not sexism, just not many, girls/women can hack the part-time physical work that you have to go through to get to full time. Actually, it's a good conditioning for the work as a driver. I still do not see how a female hired off the street as a driver could make it.
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    Women in my building that are part time. We got about 3 that load and another 20 back in unload that SPA, Data Aq, and Smalls.

    Out of 252 drivers I say 10 are women and an on road supe is female.
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    Oh My god. Every women in our center has been out on some sort of disability. Out of 80 drivers only 2 female now but the last one completed a 30 year carrier with about 15 years of that on didability. What sucks is I've been with the company for 23 years (NEVER ANY DISABILTY) and when I retire we'll both have the same retirement pay. Go Figure.
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    Ignoring that.
  6. Ditto for my center as well. 3 women constantly on and off disability or comp. Not to sound like a pig but this is not a job for most women. The only ones that last have more facial hair than me!!!!!!!!!
  7. mikeb

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    In my 13 years at UPS I've seen 4 female drivers quit because of injury or they just didn't want to do it anymore. In my center now, out of 44 drivers 2 are female and one those is questionable. Trust me, I wouldn't want my wife to be a driver!
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    "Well, according to a USA Today article many years back, only 6% of the work force is female. Out of 50 odd drivers in my center, only three drive. Not sexism, just not many, girls/women can hack the part-time physical work that you have to go through to get to full time. Actually, it's a good conditioning for the work as a driver. I still do not see how a female hired off the street as a driver could make it."

    I am one of those "off the street hire female drivers" who so far could make it. I have to agree with you helen, that this job is very physically demanding on a woman's body. I think I made it this far, because I've always been athletic and in my previous job I had to lift and work with large and heavy objects.

    For me the biggest challenge is to try and stay safe and unhurt. I want to make sure at the end of the day I can go home to my kids injury free, so I can spend some time with them. Sometimes when in warehouses loading up during pick-ups couple hundred 35-50lbs. packages, I keep telling myself to just pay attention not to slip, to grip packages well, so I won't end up in the hospital. I do love my job though, and wouldn't change it for anything.
  9. helenofcalifornia

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    Why women get hurt more than men?? My theory-one word-testosterone(sp?)!!! What I wouldn't give for some human growth hormone (HGH) for all my injuries.
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    My center was due to hire off the street, and i dont agree with that policy at all... but anyway they hired a girl off the street, sent her to school... and she was set to drive on monday... but she did'nt show up... did'nt call... nothing...

    So HOPEFULLY that will count for the road hire :thumbup1:
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    At the risk of being sexist, there are 4 places 99% of all women have no business being : UPS trucks, police cars, firetrucks, and foxholes. Sorry, but my experience has taught me this.
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    hey filthpig- you may have just had one of those moments where you asked yourself "wonder if I should have submitted that post or not?" :crying:
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    If what you say is true, that woman is in for a rude awakening. We have a male driver that has played the disability game for the last 20+ years. Always got better at the correct amount of time to earn vacation points. He was in physical therapy for six months for his thumb, which prevented him from being able to use a DIAD. He had about 23 years in and thought he could ride out his disbality for high blood pressure and then start collecting his pension at 25 years.
    When you are on disability, after a certain length of time, no money is contributed to your retirement.
    He checked his CS retirement and found out that he only had 8 years accurred to his retirement.

    He was one smart fox.
  14. satellitedriver

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    Hey Grunt,
    His Avatar says it all.
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    This job requires some degree of athleticism; the hard physical work demands a great deal on your body and athletic types are more succesfull in a driving career. That being said, most female drivers that last lean toward the tomboy variety. When I first started driving in 78, one of our females was assigned to help me load up a pickup that had a large shipment going out. I entered the vehicle to stack while she threw the packages to me. She was throwing those boxes at me as though she were pitching at Dodger Stadium; I had to brace myself to keep from being knocked over. I guess she was letting me know she deserved to be a driver, and she did. Quite a few others have been injured and have looked for ways out of the package driving.
  17. Channahon

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    I've heard females described at UPS as:

    A - athletic
    B - bubbly
    C - crabby
    D - determined
    E - energetic
    F - funny
    G - great
    H - humorous
    I - integrity
    J - jiggly
    K - knowing
    L - laughing
    M - modest
    N - naughty
    O - outgoing
    P - pretty
    Q - quiet
    R - raving
    S - sane
    T - tenacious
    U - useless
    V - vain
    W - whiny
    X - XOXO
    Y - young
    Z - zany

    Oh heck, that can be anyone at UPS not just females
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    That's not true, they will have to make up the time they miss by working more years or whatever they have to make up. 15 out of 30 years on disibility??? isn't that a little exaggerated??? I don't think she would have enough time in to retire if your numbers are correct...
  19. Harley Rider

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    My wife drove a package car for 14 years and there is no doubt it broke her down physically. I think thats a big reason why she went into management the last 7 years. We had one female driver that would always try to pawn off her heavy pkgs and bulk stops on other drivers. Management finally told her to do her own work or quit. A year later she was in management.
  20. toonertoo

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    Im not sure what to say here, except I see some feelings expressed that could be totally right.
    The tomboy type I would say is correct. Although I love all the parts of being a female, there is no way I am as strong, but I had a history of doing hard work. Bailing and putting up hay, herding cows, walking everywhere................that doesnt make me gay, just tomboyish. I preferred baseball over getting my hair and nails done, or going "shopping" I still do. I can tune up a car, but I probably dont know which lipstick is best. I can change a tire, but I dont know how to order the right one. I can race a car, and help build it, and sometimes diagnose a problem, but I cant take a bucket of parts and put it together.
    But I can deliver pkgs. I got hurt 4 times in my first four yrs, then I learned and never got hurt again.
    I guess I am anti female when I say, I agree with certain job descriptions by filthpig, I dont think most women should be cops. Or in combat, or maybe in fire depts in certain jobs. But I have never held those jobs, so maybe I do not truly know what they entail. I do know I could not do it. But no way does delivering pkgs even compare. Nobody will get killed at UPS if I cant do my job. I will get weeded out and fired. Big difference.
    I am the only female, every other one in my center has quit or is off on disabilty, not injury.
    When I first came into the job, I told myself If I wasnt as good as most I would leave, at that time I could have. But I was as good if not better than most. A little older now, Im not as fast, but when some woman or man helps me move a Pc to the front door and are ready to go into cardiac arrest, I leave feeling pretty good.
    So dont hate us coz we are beautiful:tongue_smJust work with us as equals, and history will answer your questions. Dont carry one, dont help one any more than you would a fellow man driver, but dont be so offended that you treat us differently. Give us the same breaks and you may be suprised how nice diversity can be.