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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by supercool, Feb 7, 2008.

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    You may have read my thread about 1.5 months ago in the main forum about filing my first grievance for not getting my Thanksgiving holiday/day after pay. There was a bunch of sketchy stuff involved -- getting doctors notes "clarified" etc. -- but that is neither here nor there.

    I went in early for my center-level hearing... the guy before me took forever, but they finally got to me. We sat down and the labor manager asked me two questions: what did you get hurt doing, and was this on the job? (breaking a jam, and yes). He asked my sort manager why he had me go to the trouble of getting the note changed and he said to be eligible for holiday pay that I had to be eligible to work the day before Thanksgiving.

    He gave me my holidays and I just assumed (stupidly) penalty pay was automatic. I talked to my friend and he told me that I needed to address that there, so I called my BA and he said it wasn't likely because of some reason I didn't quite gather. I told him to try anyway because it had been two months... he called me back an hour later and said the labor manager would only give four penalties. I suppose I could have whined for more (I was looking for eight), but I was tired of dealing with it. So, two days pay and four penalties seem alright, I suppose.

    Question, for future reference: should I really be fighting for more penalties (and taking more time without the money) or was this a decent deal to accept? It was rewarding enough to have the labor manager look at my sort manager like he was some sort of idiot for not paying me originally (immature, I know), but should I be more adamant about getting everything conceivable or just cut my losses and get what they offer me (as long as it seems reasonable, in this case)?

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    I'm not sure what penalties mean?
    You say you asked for 8 but got 4 penalties instead

    Is that monetary for you or are those strikes against management

    I never filed a greivance (yet), please explain Thanks
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    He means he got 4 hours penalty pay instead of 8.

    I'm not sure what he should have got. I would be happy (this time) with 4.
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    Some times you have to pick your battles. You say you're happy with knowledge that labor mgr looked at center manager like he was an idiot? You say you got your 2 days pay with 4 penalties (again, I didn't know what that was either until Over explained and I been here 29 yrs!)? How much do you want to push it? How much do you want to piss em off?

    Sometimes you can go too far in being right! I say, "Back off to fight another day". You proved your point, you got almost all you wanted, be content in knowing you accomplished something that most people wouldn't even attempted, let alone win!
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    You did well. On an average management will usually settle for half at the first level and second level. If you take it to panel, you will usually get 3/4 of what you are asking for, Although by the time they get to your case it could be a year. Every case is different though, but in your situation you made a good decision....congrats.
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    Be happy and do not brag as if you are rubbing their nose in it. A compromise is the way to go.
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    Big shocker.
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    No I think you get half of your guaranteed shift per week. So full timers get 4 hours of pay per week until fixed. Part timers get 1.75 hours of pay per week until fixed. You have to file and ask for them too. So I think he got 4 weeks worth of penalties and his pay too. I say take it this time and next time ask for the full amount, pointing out that last time you worked with them.
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    Yes, that is correct.

    BTW, I didn't brag about this to anyone or rub it in management's face or anything. I'm just saying how good it felt after having to deal with the crap my manager gave me to have everything he said be negated by the labor manager. I doubt he even knows about the penalties since I got those the next day.