Wondering how 2010 is starting off??

Discussion in 'Introductions and Welcomes' started by Golfcart man, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Golfcart man

    Golfcart man New Member

    Would just like to say 2010 looks like a great year in our center. :happy-very:
  2. ol'browneye

    ol'browneye Active Member

    Good for you!

    2010 is starting out like 2009 ended up, poor management and over-dispatched! Why change a lousy thing?

    Oh by the way, welcome to the browncafe!
  3. Golfcart man

    Golfcart man New Member

    Thanks! Sorry to here you year is starting off rough.
  4. tonyexpress

    tonyexpress Whac-A-Troll Patrol Staff Member

    Hey Golfcart man welcome to the BrownCafe! Way to go with the postive attitude for the new year...Maybe your tude will rub off on some of the others!:happy-very::peaceful:
  5. Golfcart man

    Golfcart man New Member

    Thanks it did not work. The first post :censored2: some folks off. Maybe they were brought in the office.. A lot of sensitive people on this when I am reading some of the posts. Also from reading these some are informational and seems like talking with the feeder network. Feeders hears it and passes all over. LOL!!! Thanks again for the welcome in.
  6. Golfcart:
    Things are good here in the Airline. Except for the weather, 2010 is off to a great start and we should maintain the cheer we had a couple of weeks ago as long as we can!!!
    Stay with BC; it's a lot of fun and there are a lot of good people here (except Airbusfxr)
  7. Golfcart man

    Golfcart man New Member

    Ok. Thank you. Glad to hear everything is going well that is with in your control.