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    Just had my interview this morning at my local UPS branch. My interviewee, asked me a series of questions - asked if I could commit to a year (* told her if the job was a fit and I liked it yes, but I can commit to 6 months at least *).

    After the interview she said they would call applicants and continue the employment process. If I didn't hear back in 2 weeks, apply again..

    I thought they would at least let me fill out some background paperwork? So they can check if I have felonies or whatever? Maybe I gave permission to that on the online process.. I left very confused, is this typical of UPS? Do I have a possible shot?

    Thanks! Looking forward to working for UPS and being a part of this community!
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    Feeling confused/bewildered is a very normal thing at UPS
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    Very gracious of you to commit to 6 months. You basically told them, 'Go ahead, spend the money to hire and train me, but it will probably be wasted." And now you're surprised they didn't proceed with background etc? UPS gets a lot of quitters. Most don't announce it at their interview.
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    At least he sounds sincere. How many applicants agree to 1 year and how many actually live up to it? Around here mgmt would be thrilled to get 6 months out of each new hire anyway.

    Anyway, if they like you after interviewing all applicants, they'll probably call and ask for permission for a background check. If you pass the check, they'll call you again with a date to start cornerstone (training). You'll also have to fill out a bunch of forms online at that time. If they don't call you back, then you'd better come up with some nice sounding BS for your next interview and apply again.
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    I'll probably reapply in a couple of months, I wasn't going to lie to her and tell her I would do this for a year. 17 hours a week w/ no health insurance till you complete a year? No way. If they call, great, I'll take the job and it'll be extra gas money.
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    U gotta wait a year, so what? Now u may not get the bennies at all. Next contract they may do away with PT benefits all together. They told me 17.5/week, I've been averaging 20+ regularly. Most Mondays u may get OT or close to it, and peak you'll bring in more than just gas money. Oh well, just sayin :/
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    Your honesty may have been your downfall. Telling the HR person that you could only commit to 6 months was the worst thing you could have done.
  8. rod

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    Never tell the full truth at a UPS interview. (believe me they will return the favor for the next 30 years if you get hired).
  9. McGee

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    Are you serious??

    IMO, they pretty much offered you a shot, and you um, turned your nose up at it ( but I give you points for being honest- even though that's NOT what she wanted to hear) ??!!!!


    well most all of us start this way and now i make more $$$$ and way better benny's then most of my friends that spent big bucks going to college. i had 2 and 3 pt jobs til i made it full time here 17ish years ago. putting my first born through law school now then it really pays off ha ha. =). a good 30 year retirement that big brown pays for u should rethink your thoughts ;-).
  11. dilligaf

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    LOL No point in being honest with them. They'll never be honest with you.
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    heh heh, you sound like you know what you are talking about dilli! :wink2:
  13. dilligaf

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    They've practiced, ALOT!!