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    I've been an exception air driver in addition to my normal package handling shift for a quite a few years now, but for about the last year or so my hours have been cut from driving 6 days a week to now driving maybe 1 day a month. Needless to say... that doesn't cover living expenses.

    Fortunately, a friend from church owns some fedex routes and wants to hire me on during the day to deliver for him. So I could deliver for fedex in the day and work UPS at night, eventually waiting for that day that I can go full-time driving with UPS. He says he is fine with me still working at UPS while I work for him. But what if UPS finds out? Could this lead to a bad situation for me? I don't remember signing any kind of "no-competition statement" or anything else to that effect.
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    when you are off the clock you can do anything you want. i just wouldn't advertiise that you are working for the competition.
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    You said you are no longer making enough money. That would settle it for me.

    Go work for your buddy. As long as it doesn't interfere with your UPS job, who cares? Nobody's going to tell you what you can do while off of UPSs clock.
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    Just be sure your route will not interfere with your night job at UPS. There will be days you will work 14 hours and I would hate to see you put your UPS job in jeporady. When you get to driver for UPS you will have a career and will make a great living, working for a contractor however is a nowhere job. You will get a weekly paycheck but thats it no matter how much you work you will make the same. So just keep the big picture in mind because UPS will provide a future for you where as FEDEX will not. Keep it quite though you will not want UPS finding out.
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    UPS does not have any policies against you working for FedEx, however the DOT has rules. You cannot work more than 14 hours a day when driving is included nor more than 60 hours in a week and legally you have to have 10 hours off between your driving job and returning to your driving job, so you will not be able to drive exception driving anymore, because saturdays will most likely put you over 60 hours in a week.
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    705, I am not condoning it but what are the chances anyone checking those reports, if they do at all, will notice the same name for two different companies?

    I had this opportunity myself last summer while laid off from full time driving. A friend was contemplating buying some routes and I was set to help her get them going. Unfortunately she never bought them as she found them to be a piss poor investment. Not worth the headache.
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    The OP said they aren't driving anymore for UPS, to any real degree. I was told bya steward the 60 hour rule applies to 60 hours of driving a week, not 60 hours of work that partly included driving.
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    Does anyone really know this DOT reg? I get different answers from different people. Like for instance. A cover driver who has not driven all week has to drive on thursday. He works his part time night shift wednesday night. Does he need to be off the clock by a certain time or does the 10 hour rule only apply once he has drove. 10 hours between shifts or 10 hours between driving shifts?
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    Yes! Ask any Feeder driver.

    You must have 10 hrs off duty prior to your start work.

    You may not drive more than 11 hours.
    You may not drive after 14 hours (punch to punch).
    You may not drive after having been on duty more than 60 hours.
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    Hope that answered SCs questions

    If he's going to drive that day, he must have had 10 hours off duty before he punches in that day.
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    Over is right. I tried getting a part-time job as a contract route driver for our local newspaper, which was 25 hours per week, and was told that I couldn't due to the hours regulation.
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    the advice of Dave Ramsey collides with the hours of service regulations.

    Let me ask u this . Shouldn't any job that earns one money, whether or not it involves driving or not cause a conflict , i.e not getting a 10 hour break, starting your 14 hour clock earlier than ur start time at ups, pushing one over 60 hours of work , or not getting a 34 hour restart? After all, any outside job that earns u money is considered on duty time.
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    Ok pick up. Lets take that a step further though. I had a friend whose house burned down. I stayed up all night helping him and got 45 minutes of sleep before reporting for work. Now, (Yes I tried to call out no they wouldn't let me yes I know I should have told them I wasn't coming that is not the point) shouldn't I per DOT regs be unavailable to drive? I was compensated by a six pack for the work I did at his house (no I didn't drink it that night he got it for me the next day). Shouldn't this apply? I can see how non driving hours WITH UPS could screw up a laid off driver or cover driver. But a second job that is not on a report is ridiculous. I can't work my weekend job because that'll put me over 60 for the week. Bahh!
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    Helping your friend is not "on duty time". In this case you should have DQ'd yourself for the day.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Dave Ramsey was the reason I was looking in to a 2nd job.
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    Reminds me of a George Carlin skit in which he reminisces about his days when he attended a roman catholic school as a kid and the priest would come in every wednesday to answer questions. And some kids would present situations involving sin wrapped up in very strange circumstances. and the story would end "is that then a sin , father?"

    The hours of service rules are strange . u can be the kind of guy who works every night and weekend on ur own cars (or in big babooba's case, b-52 bombers) , u might even be the guy that works on others' cars for the fun of it and for the goal of helping out a friend. However, the moment these same activities become money generating activiities, it counts as on duty time. It is arbitrary and to some degree it is b.s. .

    However, let's say that upstateny took that job(without telling anyone), and started chucking papers out of the window of the car and one of his customers is a ups suit, and that suit sees him. Do u see the potential problems he might have?
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    I know upstate. I have listened to Dave Ramsey and have read enough of ur posts to know that u were following his advice. But Dave Ramsey never heard of these hours of service rules.
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    And REAL problems will arise if you get into any kind of serious accident. That's when records start getting checked big-time.
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    I see your point Pick up but I don't think the UPS suit was the best thing to use as an example. They could care less. Might even get a chuckle out of you having to work another job to support yourself because they hose you all the time.
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    But who's records? Is DOT gonna go down to my local grocery store and make sure I wasn't working over night stocking? Are they going to ask my nieghboor what kind of hours I keep?

    If I keep everything on the up and up as far as UPS records who is going to know?