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    i recently got hurt and filed a report. ive been getting treated by ups clinic now and will see orthopedic doctor next. i just got put on "time lost" and do not go in to work any longer but had 3 questions:

    1. once they tell me to stay at home and not go in to do "light duty" does liberty mutual pay me directly? Is it called TTD? and do i need to fill out paperwork or they send me forms to get paid?
    2. Ive read about choosing your own doctor instead on ups doctor, but wouldnt they all be considered UPS doctors since they work within the MPN list which handles workers comp claims for liberty mutual? I cant choose my own doctor or orthopedic surgeon if he/she is not in the MPN list right? I believe from what i read thats how it works in california?
    3. Every thread i read advises to "lawyer up" but is it really necessary if they are treating me for my injuries? Im under the impression that o should lawyer up if i feel im not getting what i need. And if i am hurt and recover and go back to work whats the point of a lawyer if they don't award money and im not suing?

    Just trying to learn more especially from anyone with info from California, thanks
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    How long have you worked at UPS, and what position?
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    There's a girl on here that goes by the name TOS. She's a California girl but she can probably give you some kind of whacked out information.
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    Read up on California comp law, the only advice/answers you will get that will be useful will be from other Californians.

    I am off comp and did not have an attorney. Everything was taken care of and all that. I have no complaints. I also researched my state's comp laws and pretty much knew what to expect.

    FWIW, when I ran out of TAW, I received weekly checks. They would not do direct deposit. Your state comp law will determine how much you get a week.
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    im a part timer loader
  6. supaalex

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    8 years as loader