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    MSGTDEL New Member

    I read that you can not do some jobs after retiring. Is there any truth to this? :crying:
  2. kenco80233

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    Yes,depends on which pension fund and how old you are.Most funds are pretty restrictive about re-employment.
  3. jccuch

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    thats right , dont try to beat the system, if caught you will have to pay back to the penson fund your penson every month you worked !!!!!!
  4. kenco80233

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    In Central States,You lose your health insurance and can never get it back.Thats what I have been told.
  5. lastboateast

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    You can work as long as its not in the same field.If your at ups than you couldnt get a job at fedex or any teamster jobs etc.
  6. retired2000

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    here in the upstate ny region we need to fill out a paper saying what our new job intails and send it into the fund. if we do not do this and we are caught we do not get our pension the following month. we can not work in any field that has to do with delivery of boxes. ex. working for a print shop and taking thier product to thier customers. you can work for a flower shop though.
  7. kenco80233

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    Here in Cenral States,you have to call them before you take any kind of job to get it approved.They send a form out yearly,to list any and all jobs that you earned any monies that year and a form for you to sign so they can moniter your social security earnings.If you fail to do this,they will stop your pension.The jobs and amount of hours that you can work,depends on your age.The jobs that are permited are not very premium jobs and very very few allow any kind of driving.
  8. kgd800

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    Friends that I have that have retired from the Teamsters (non-UPS) have been told they are not allowed to work in some jobs such as warehousing and driving he was working for a retailer which had a "warehouse" look and feel he was at first told he could not work that but they later allowed this.
  9. akira-san

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    Yes it is true that you may not work certain jobs after you're
    retired, and you may not work at all for 1st 6 mos,also you may forfeit your pension if you return to work as a driver for "FEDEX", so be carefull.
  10. mittam

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    or you can't even work at a funeral home, it is any job anywhere
  11. navigator

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    Drive a school bus, (non union) you can start your own business. after 65 you can drive 40hr's a month. I think you can work for the Post Office.