Working for FedEx and UPS at the same time?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by SFTifoso, Mar 8, 2011.

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    Hello all. I want to get another job. I'm currently a part time hourly at UPS. I work for small sort, so my job is pretty easy. What do you think the odds are of getting hired at FexEX as a part time unloader/loader? Of course UPS is and will still be my main job, but I want to earn some extra cash, at least till November/peak. I also was thinking of going to gym to lose the last 25 lbs (lost 90 already) of my goal, but why pay to sweat, when someone can pay me to sweat.

    Also, I've been with UPS for 8+ years, but I still haven't been given the opportunity to become a full time package car driver. My lead says it's because they're still re-hiring the layed off drivers. BS or what?
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    What is a lead?
  3. SFTifoso

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    Lead supervisor, f/t sup, manager of my area etc.
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    No, it is not BS. The time that it takes to become a driver varies from area to area depending upon the volume and whether your area is experiencing growth.

    I would think that as long as there is no conflict between shifts you should be able to work for both companies.
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    The only reason I went full time in my center when I did, is because the people with more seniority had bad driving records. There are people at the Syracuse Gateway who have been waiting 15 yrs.
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    Working for UPS and FEDEX is like being engaged to two girls at the same time. My question is why would you want to?

    Secondly, you want to get paid to sweat. THats nice. You lost 90 pounds working for UPS. Problem is not the work, its the beer. Hell, its taken you 8+ years? Fedex has nothing to offer that will help you. Ya gotta quit the drinkin and eatin so much.

    You want us to believe that you have been working for UPS for 8+ years, and still have not figured out what is going on???? As the business grows, we hire. As drivers retire, we hire. As drivers die, we hire. And with very few exceptions, those are the only time we will hire a new driver. You ought to already know that.

    Now, as far as laid off drivers go, yes, they will hire them back before they even think about you. So no, that is not BS.

    Also, as Up mentioned, there are a lot of places where you will have to wait a lot longer than others to get full time. Detroit comes to mind as a very depressed area. When the local economy is in the dumps, it could take 10 years or more.

    Now, there is one upside. The driving workforce is getting older. A lot of drivers that are nearing retirement is very high, as they were hired at the time UPS was going nation wide, and then international. In our center, that is over 1/3 of the drivers that were hired in the mid 70's-mid 80's. While some will want to continue on past 35 years, others will not.


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    I think it is great that you are trying to work 2 jobs especially with all the lazy people out there faking disability or using FMLA whenever they want. Good for you losing the weight too. I hope you are able to work Fedex into your schedule. Don't leave UPS though. No matter what B.S. Fedex feeds you. Eventually you'll get what you want at UPS and you will make good money with great benefits.
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    I heard fedex's building is A/C'ed and heated. Just heard, not in stone. That would a good start for me and probably a lot of us, lulz.
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    The reason you have not lost that last 25 pounds is because you work in the small sort go get jacked up on some ephedrine and caffeine and stick yourself in a 53' unloading 2000+ PPH to the point your SPA person shuts you down every five minutes. Or go load a 53' and instead of dreading going and grabbing another to build more of your wall, run to the chute and run with that 60 pounder on your shoulder, pretend you will never get laid again if you don't finish that truck quickly. Or you could even load package cars where you have an underplanned/underestimated piece count and you have to start running packages into cars.
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    Thanks for the replies. Do you think working for FedEx is reason enough for UPS to discharge me? The only reason I want to work for FedEx is because I want to earn some extra cash and because have a bit of a workout (2 birds with one stone). I definitely not interested in switching over to FedEx, even if they offered me a full time position. And if push comes to shove and FedEx somehow conflicts with UPS, it will be bye-bye FedEx.

    As far as losing the 90 pounds, it took me about a year, not 8. LOL Diet, exercise, and determination is what did it. I just sort of hit a plateau now, and need to challenge my body in a different way. I wish they would let me unload at UPS, but that would mean giving up my $1 hourly bonus. Oh and I only drink about 5 times a year, and never get wasted.
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    Back in the mid 80's i worked part time at UPS and FEDEX. I was a preloader for 4 years at UPS until i went full time,and i was FEDEX's version of Reload for about a year. I was glad to start driving so i didnt have two work 2 split shifts
    UPS didnt care what i did or who else i worked for, it was never an issue. The guys at FEDEX all wanted to get hired at UPS!
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    I'll drink to that.