Working my butt off for this?

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    Hi everyone! I'm a new user, so I'm sorry if this has already come up somewhere else. Onto the issue:

    I recently have received a new supervisor (my old one switched to a training position) who is on my back for the same issues the old one was. I believe something might have been exchanged between the two. He has come up to me saying things such as 'dude, your walls look horrible' (so I correct the problem, which, by the way, they didn't look horrible.) and 'Man, we gotta get your package per hour up' (I informed him that I've made great advancements in the past month)

    I'm on the top of service in my building/area (I'm not exactly sure, but I think I'm 1/17,000) and I try to employ safe work methods... But I'm finding it really hard to respect someone who doesn't respect the pace I'm going at. What does the brown cafe recommend I do? I've been thinking of putting in a letter for advancement in the company, but I'm not sure on that either. I'm going in today to try the pick-off test in about ten minutes to see if I can get that going for me. The reason I'm so hesitent on the advancement letter is because I had a super rough December (I started in November) where I received... I believe upwards of 20 missorts. I have since rectified this. Not to mention I don't think either of my supervisors would give me a good recommendation.
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    This is a perfect time to put a letter in. And we will need young, innovative leaders like yourself to move the company forward. You are "supposed to" put a letter in.
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    Get use to it PT SUP's come and go like night and day. You only have to remember two things don't argue with them and don't get into a fight and you will be at UPS longer then they will.

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    Couple of things spring to mind.

    In my experience, part time sups have most likely not been there much longer than you.

    Most times, when one transfers, and another takes their place, very very rarely do they spend those endless hours discussing personnel. They just dont get paid to do it, and like you, why should they. So I dont think that they are working behind your back to get you to feel inadequate at your job. Most likely, its your performance that is actually causing the comments.

    As for putting in the paperwork for "advancement", you might want to understand that part time management is to part time hourly as toilet scrubber is to septic tank operator. It is more of a lateral move. It might not be as physical, the hours will be longer, the pay slightly better, but you are still dealing with the same ole *****e.

    You still pretty much have to go into delivery before you can advance to full time supervision, and the chances are usually better as an hourly.

    Like I said, maybe you need to take a second objective look at your performance at ups. Being there less than 6 months gives you some experience, but does not make you an expert at what you do.

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    to dannyboy>>

    I believe I said that my work performance was adequate for the time I've been there... if not, I'm sorry for not clarifying. My walls are not always perfect, but my work attitude is always 'can-do', when I finish in a trailer I'm the first to ask 'where next', I use a load stand, work safely, and even try to stay out of the supervisor's way.

    Since we've gotten the new supervisor I've gotten two missorts. This is HIGHLY frustrating seeing as how I know the read, I'm just forced to run in between trailers at his whim. It's taxing on my mind and memory when I have to run between 7 trailers, each with a specific read. Sure some are easier than others, but those are the ones where volume is intense.

    To continue my issues post from above: What can I do if I feel confused and/or overworked? I would still consider myself a new employee at UPS, and I know that I can't hold up 7 trailers by myself- especially when our belt is getting hammered due to lack of experienced staffing.
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    More than likely it was just a simple observation that prompted the comments. If you use a scanner, your supervisor can check your performance based on the scans. Anyone who has experience in cornerstone loads can see a wall and tell how well it is built. I don't condone using the word horrible to describe your wall. But this goes along with what Danny said above about PT supvs.

    Do you know what your PPH is? If not ask your supervisor to tell you the next time he says it needs to improve. Also ask him what is the minimum acceptable requirement for your load area.

    As far as putting your letter of intent in.... wait until you have been there a minimum of 6 months. I would also look at getting involved in the Safety or CERC committee. It helps to round you out. It should also get you notices by a FT supervisor.
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    Minimum scans on our area are 250, a feat I surpass (almost) every night.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    PPH--Packages Per Hour
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    PPH = Pelicans Pick Herring
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    PPH= Part-timers Pursuing Hubris
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    Let me suggest something else as well. You mention that the loads are not perfect, or at least, not as good as you can make them. Keep working to learn your skills. Some might disagree, but it takes a skill to load packages to where they dont fall when the tractor is hitched to the trailer.

    One last thought to help maybe.

    Management at ups will always hound you, no matter how great you are, they will find something you could do better. They would have found fault with Christ not dying on the cross properly, or he spent too much time bleeding or talking. That is the nature of their jobs.

    Deal with what you can, improve what you can, get help or instructions to learn more, and then with the rest, let it slide off your back. Dont lose sleep over it. There comes a time when you are overloaded with crap, and the point of the harassment is to break you down or get you to quit. Let it slide off your back.

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    a good survival skill is to be a screaming maniac , as you load sing out loudly , the more nonsense the better.
    also confuse the sups by asking which loading method they want; columns loading, brick walls, smalls left between wall spaces, interlocking walls, loading the leftside only first or the rightside ?
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    Having in depth conversations with the packages because they are speaking to you is another great tool...........after all, many packages have more intelligence than the management team if you just listen to what they have to say. And the sup interrupting the conversation is, after all, impolite?:wink2:

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    screaming at box's won't get you promoted , will also get you a reputation as a nut amongst your peers and could make you an attractive target for discharge. In the heirarchy of intelligence the bathroom lawyer that dispenses such advice is often well below the supervisor he mocks.:happy2:
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    Tieguy- I noticed your tag- 'I live dilbert' I've been watching Dilbert for a while now, and congratulations.
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    Now you are talking about firing a person with an obvious mental handycap, even though he is doing the job?

    That will look good on the 6 o'clock news.......

    But then again, I failed to include the smileys as the post was an obvious play on the previous post, a play that most just chuckled about.......all but you tie.

    Whats wrong with you my friend?

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    Danny I sorry I keep forgetting you're too stupid to understand the message I posted. I really intended for someone much smarter then you. sorry.:dissapointed: