Worklng at UPS Data Center in Atlanta

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    Hello Crowd Brown,

    I anticipate starting a long-term contract position at the UPS Data Center on McFarland Drive in Forsyth County GA (north of Alpharetta, believe it or not). I live in central Atlanta and for me, this is the commute from hell. So, I'm planning to use a mix of cabs, buses, and biking to get there.

    My questions:

    1) Any regular vanpools that service this facility from the HQ site at Sandy Springs?

    2) Any circulating shuttles in the Windward Parkway business area?

    3) Does UPS sponsor an employee shuttle from the HQ location in Sandy Spring to the data center?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't know about any shuttles, but I have a condo for sale off Windward Pkwy! Marta Rail ends at the Sandy Springs station and I see Marta buses on Windward. I never understood why the data center is called "Windward" since its not actually on Windward. Since its not in Fulton County, I don't know of any public transportation to it.