World's Biggest Terror Organization Behind the American Neo-Nazi Movement

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Dec 5, 2009.

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    You're saying the government is behind this?
  3. wkmac

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    Good to see you back around. You were missed!

    As to the question, oh no, not the gov't. Just democrats!

  4. Monkey Butt

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    Last time I checked, they were the government (at least the national government). :biting:
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    OK, you convinced me. It's the democrats then!
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    And I missed being missed.
    Only one day in the last 7 weeks I haven't worked and 13 - 15 hour days ... I need some Brown Cafe java.
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    And I'm still getting ZERO overtime......
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    BTW Hoax: I concede your point about the democrats but tell me again how to tell the difference between a democrat and republican?


    That pic was just to good to pass up and I needed as excuse to post it!
  9. Monkey Butt

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    I've never thought there was much.
    About the only difference is what they spend money on.
    I thought Bush was a kid in a candy store and Obama is the same thing.
  10. wkmac

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    Well by gawd, somebody needs a spanking!
  11. JimJimmyJames

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    People just don't seem to feel guilty spending other people's money anymore.
  12. island1fox

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    Do you mean that Nancy Pelosi did not feel even a little bad about spending 3,000 dollars of our money to send flowers to the funeral of Jack Kemp with her signature on the condolence card--- ?:angry:
    If the American public was not so busy with Tiger or American Idol or the Kardashian's ---they would see the huge Staffs of the Congressman and Senators ---the unlimited expense accounts,staff salaries,first class wines, meals and flights -----living the "viva-loca" on our dollar.
    They "work" a few hours per week and yet they claim they "serve"us.
    There should be a real tea party ---vote all dems and repubs out --only third party -that agree with term limits ---eliminate all frills --and truly serve the people. Do what is right for all America --not their special interests groups .
    Obama said he was going to CHANGE all of that --HE LIED !!!!
  13. tonyexpress

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    I have to agree with that!

    Government itself, regardless of party is the problem...We need less not more!

    More government = More taxes
    More government = More confusion
    More government = Less freedom

    Reduce government's role and the American people will prosper!:peaceful:
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  15. Palin

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    Using John Bircher's now as credible sources?

    Wow, how low will you go to support your anarchist-Libertarian pipe dream?
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, Palin! Can you see Russia from your house?
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    Better yet can you see Susie's house from your house!:funny:
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    LOVE IT!!!!!

    Susie busted on her first post under the new name.

    We are getting good! Nice job Tony!
  19. wkmac

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    Well since you mentioned the Birch Society, here is the link to their publication, The New American.

    Some stories of possible interest this month.

    O-Bomb-A's Afghan Surge for 100 Al Qaeda

    FBI Failed to Forward Hasan's Email to Awlaki

    And one issue I was contending a long time ago
    Donald Rumsfeld Let Bin Laden Escape Into Pakistan

    Oh, and here's a goodie, you'll really love this title
    In Government, Nothing Succeeds like Failure
    Ain't it the truth!

    And here's one with a familar ring to it
    Nazis & Communists: Idealogical Bedfellows

    And here's the best IMO because I'm a huge believer in property (all manner of) rights
    Eminent Domain Battle Continues: Fee Simple Is Not So Simple

    For that one alone I want to thank you for mentioning the Birch Society because I think property rights is a cornerstone issue. But the other part I might mention to our BC crossdresser (who in "her" next appearance should consider a more honest alias in either this or this) is that there are lots of folks here who hold many paleo-conservative POV's and by now having followed your suggestion and linked to the Society publication, it's even possible their organization might get a little membership bump. We'll put you in for a finders fee!

    It's always good to make lemon-ade especially when you can use someone else's lemons!

    BTW Dear Girlman: I'll also from time to time link numerous "progressive" sites like Counterpunch or Truthdig but I'll also link stories from Black Nationalist sites like Black Agenda Report (psst sent a donation too:wink2:) and oh have they been wailing on your boy! Also big supporter of Russell Means and the Lakota Freedom Movement.

    Your statism is toast, it's only option to maintain control now is by brute force and brute violence (what you champion by your allegience) which will only swell the ranks of those who oppose. Even folks who were of the most modest beliefs in respect to gov't now feel it's time to get some serious pruning shears out! Uh, be careful what you leave hanging out as it might get snipped but then maybe that's just fitting too!

    What was that you said Tieguy?

    Well thank you Tie! Hope you're enjoying my early Christmas I'm sending your way!
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    Hey where's my love? I was the one who drew her out!