Worried mom and have a couple of questions?

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    My son has worked for UPS for 17 months now. Good worker and has only missed a couple of days work in that time frame. On Thursday morning when loading a truck he was bit by a spider. He reported this to his boss who in return informed his boss. After the head gut looked at it he said not a spider bite just an ingrown hair. By Friday afternoon it was the size of his hand and very red you could even feel the heat in it. I told him he need to go to urgent care. He had never used his insurance before and was unsure which one to go to. So he send a couple of text out to find out. At that time he was told by one person to contact work. The manger there said do not go to urgent care wait for the head boss to contact you. After two hours of waiting at 4:59p.m. he told him to go to occumed which closed at 5:00. We were right down the road from the hospital so that is where we went. When he called him back to tell him it was closed and we came to the hospital he was a jerk. Said they had not filled a report out the day before and to make sure his note said he could return to work today even though he had already worked that day. He wanted him to leave there and go back to urgent care. At that point I grabbed the phone and said he was being seen at the hospital now. We had waited and had a run around for the last three hours we were not going any place else. Fast forward they would not give him a note to return to work until he had been seen again by a doctor which is Tuesday at 9 even though we asked for a note for the same day. He was told to come back to work on Monday at 6AM for light duty. Which was really for this head boss to yell at him for an hour. I'm not sure if I should do anything else or leave it alone. My son just turned 19 and is not one to say anything back, he is a hard worker and has two jobs. Just unsure of what to do?
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    Any chance of locating the spider?
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    Have him contact his union steward and give him all the details, then file a grievance for harassment and not being able to receive proper immediate healthcare. That way, the supervisor's record will show he is not maintaining proper procedures for on site accident injuries and harassing the employee for trying to obtain medical care. Make sure he files the grievance.
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    For future reference, take care of yourself first and worry about the paperwork later.
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    the best answer is in post number 3.

    this is typical company procedure. it works with most employees. your son has to stick up for himself and talk to a steward.

    once the boss realizes that your son knows his rights the better off he will be.

    good luck and please keep this forum updated.
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    Since your son reported it at the time and several management persons were aware of it, it sounds like you have your bases covered. Like someone else said, take it up with a steward, and don't let them push you around. It would have been nice to have at least taken a pic of the spider, just to be sure. Good luck dealing with this caring, loving company.
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    i wish people would update.
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    Blah blah.....spider bite.....blah Blah comp covered the ER visit. Blah blah blah.....back to work unless his arm fell off.
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    Always insist on an appointment before leaving the building. They refused my husband an immediate appointment who was having chest pain. I called 911 and had them pick him up at the ups building. UPS paid all bills and QUICKLY got their paperwork in order. I did the same thing when he got bit by a dog with no shots and was told to finish the day. My doc said er for infection prevention. I picked him up at the ups truck. Let them worry about getting the rest of the packages delivered. He ended up with nerve damage and a serious infection. If it hadn't been treated right away, surgery.
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    Beware of UPS---they have more "doctors" working for them that the Mayo Clinic. When you go into management you must be automatically granted a doctors degree.
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    I called in one time and told the supervisor I was throwing up and wouldn't be in. He told me to try eating some burnt toast and to come on in. Uh....no.
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    How come your husband can't make that decision on his own?
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    He's good now, but he used to be a company suck up. I worked there too, so I wasn't dealing with their crap. I'm glad he no longer let's them walk all over him. He works hard and is flexible and let's stuff go that's not important, but his health is above their production numbers. Sometimes you men take a while to learn. ;)