Worth becoming a Part Time Supe?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by coolerguy, Feb 7, 2009.

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    I started working for UPS around july 07. So far my experience has been good. I was positioned as a loader, and assigned to a fair area in the Mesquite TX hub. Overall I like what I do and where im currently at. As of right now i'm making 11.70/hr and usually take home $250 a week. I took the job firstly because I wanted some extra money on the side, I was employed with another company but now im only working UPS at this time. So I started double shifting so make some extra money, the money was good when the work was there. Now, sadly how the economy is and all, we're starting to see much less double shifting at this time. It's obvious and understandable, and i'm not complaining about that. But anyway, I recently was offered a PT supervisor position from my full timer. I've been offered a couple times in the past, just never gave it any thought. My full timer said he'll give me a couple days to think it over. I just don't know if I'm cut out for managment. Some people have said its a peice of cake, but overall I know thier job isn't a walk in the park. At least thats what I believe. Is becoming a part time supervisor worth it? I want to stay with UPS and grow within the company, but never thought seeing myself as a supervisor before. I really would love to stay with the company and hope to one day grab a full time combo job, but that could take years most likely, but i'm willing to fight the progression. I just can't decide rather it's a good idea or not to make this move lol. I know you guys probably thinking, its a decision I will have to make on my own, but any advice?
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    Your last sentence sums up your whole post--the decision is yours and yours alone.
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    I can only tell you that I wouldn't do it. I know management isn't for me. One reason is once you go to the other side, they control your life and you are only given one choice. Take it or leave. As a union member you have some protection from personality conflicts with a higher up, as management you have none.
    But UpState is right, it's your choice.
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    I can tell you from my own personal experience, don't do it. I had the opportunity many years ago to go into management. Turned in the letter, took the test, had an interview scheduled and at the last minute, decided not to do it. Best decision I ever made.

    I know many who decided to go for it and many of them are not around anymore. The ones that are still around are, I wouldn't say disgruntled, maybe beaten down.

    My advice would be to continue doing a good job, show up everyday, build bridges and don't allow yourself to get stomped on. Later, after you have gained a better insight into how the company operates, rethink the management angle. Most of the successful people I have seen who have moved up in management started after being drivers for a few years. PT management is pretty much a dead end road.

    As others have said, the decision is yours and yours alone. Good luck.
  5. rod

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    I've never met a part time sup that didn't wish they had stayed an hourly. If they are happy as a pt sup-----they haven't been there very long. Reality will eventually set in.
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    Just to clarify this point a little bit. These days, in order to get into FT management you have to be in PT management first. Gone are the days of becoming a driver and then a FT Sup (at least from where I come from, that is unheard of). So yeah, for the most part being a PT Sup is a dead end if you want to stick with the company, but if you are one of the lucky PT Sups who can get a FT job, then you're set.

    To the original poster: Currently I'm a PT Sup in a large air hub. I've been one for almost three years now and I'm glad I became one. Partially though, this is because I came from a large air hub: as an hourly, I was really only working about 2-2:30 mins a night on average. I was also at a point in my life where I wanted to get married and needed some extra cash and was also commuting 30-45 mins a night to work. So, $110 paychecks wern't getting the job done for me and it takes at least 10 years of Union Seniority to get any type of decent job there (a FT combo job). So going into management was relatively easy for me: I get more hours, and I get more pay (I make roughly 3x what I used to make a week after taxes, nothing glamorous, but it makes going in there worth my time). Also, when I first started to become a PT Sup, I really hated FT Management and was angry that my financial situation was dictating that I needed to go into management (couldn't leave UPS because of the Education benefits, but couldn't afford to only make 100-115 dollars a week).

    As far as what others have said in regards to not having choices, supervisors seeming worn down, etc. From my experience, it all depends on what you make of it. I've only had a couple bad experiences as a PT Sup, and that was with a manager who has a short fuse and I made a couple mistakes when I was new. It was also a situation where I had a FT Sup who wasn't very good and didn't teach me anything about my job (I went from an Air ULD loader to a Sup on a PD Wall, i.e. trailers...completely different setup). As soon as I got a decent FT Sup, I started enjoying the job a lot more. He allows us to manage our areas however we like, so long as we are getting results (which nearly everyone in his work area does). I've been able to help mentor some of the other PT Sups too, because he likes the way that I manage and run my area. So in my case, I've seen plenty of run down FT Sups and I've seen ones who are happy and successful.

    Hope my post helps a bit, but as others have said, it all depends on how you feel about the job, your personal situation, and also the availability to move up in Union Jobs at your hub. Each hub is different and so each decision is unique. Good luck.
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    i can also say i wouldnt do it, management isnt for me and i prefer to stay union
  8. Kraetos

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    I live in Texas too, we actually had someone from your hub come to mine as a PT sup in the last year or so. But he only lasted about 6 - 8 months.

    Same as everyone has said before, I haven't met a PT sup that has not had regrets about his decision and wanted to go back to hourly. You have to put up with a mega amount of **** from the higher ups, and usually you can't do anything right. Just like was said before you get no protection in management, and they eat their own.

    Here's some perspective since we live in the same East Texas area on what has happened to PT sups since I've worked here. I've seen four PT sups quit in the past 1 and half years, they certainly do not last long, and this is a relatively small hub that only has three belts and needs 3 PT sups at one time.
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    DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!you will sell your soul to the brown machine!!!
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    Noooooooo Don't leave the union. I have been with Ups for 5 years 3 of witch i was p/t and now I am a full time driver making 30.00$ an hour and made over 85K this year. Just sit back and wait your turn and you will not regret it
  11. faded jeans

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    You will be used and abused as a part time supe.

    Think of it this way: You're almost a supe.
    (notice sp.)​
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    Do you want to work part time earning peanuts your entire life? If so, take the PT job.
  13. midnitehustler

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    Do not go to the DARK SIDE
  14. Braveheart

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    NO NO NO

    Dead end job. No union protection. No rights.

    Just look at how the managers just had their 401k and pay raises nixed.
  15. Bagel

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    It's a tough time to be a part time supervisor now. There's really no excuses for under performing so you're going to be in a bad position if you happen to land in an area that is just normally unproductive or screwed by the numbers any which way.

    I make $16.02/hr as one. After taxes and deductions I'm taking around $380-405 a week.
    The job isn't that bad, but you need to have a mindset that is willing to accept all challenges head on; you need to have a good degree of people skills(and this doesn't mean walking over everyone until you get what you want, supervisors are only successful because of the people assigned to said supervisor.) and more than ready to hold people accountable and do the right thing.

    You'll be working as if you're watched by your boss every minute and unlike being a union employee, you will be blown out if you happen to slip up. You have to be capable and ready, but more than aware of your own weaknesses and inabilities at every time. Part time supervisors aren't capable of much on their own, but are held to a higher level regardless by upper management.

    I took the job because I really didn't have much choice, I need to help my family so the extra pay is all worth it, and I don't care working more hours because I am paid for those anyway. I would have never seen hours and pay like I did as a union employee. But I can safely say I was alot more carefree, and a much happier employee when I was in the union too.

    If you do decide to become one, just remember to stay positive and work through your people. The economy is tough so there is no reason for you to have to do their work so you need to use your skills so that you can effectively have them do what needs to be done by the best means possible. You will be a decently well off supervisor if you have a force that respects you, and you respect them.
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    I find this hard to believe
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    From what I've seen, the worst part of the job is dealing with your FT supervisor and their superiors.

    Bagel's post is right in line with what I expect, but I do know two PT Sups on Twilight that seem to be quite happy with what they are doing.
  18. City Driver

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    why is that hard to believe? i know that alot of UPS package car drivers make nearly $30 an hour and over 80K (after alot of overtime that is)
  19. UnsurePost

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    5-3 = 2.

    it takes longer than 2 years to complete ft pkg progression
  20. Kraetos

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    I should have said earlier, since the Mesquite hub is fairly close to mine than it should be about the same. That being said I can't remember if he said he was going to be a pre-load supervisor or a night-shift one. If it's night-shift then take it because they are much more laid back and happy than the brutal pre-load shift. But then again he did say he was a loader so I'm guessing pre-load...don't do it!