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    Ugh, I've been doing the job by the methods for decades, and every time some new meat comes through the door, they think they're going to change the world, and bring me into it. It never lasts, but while it does, I get the million questions routine. I'm not worried and I've got nothing to hide, but if you think that will keep the bubble wrap on you, you're sadly mistaken.

    It's different in feeders. They don't do production rides, only annual safety rides. At least here, anyway. So production questions come from reports. "Why were you stopped for 15 minutes, here?" "Why did you leave late last Tuesday?" "You came off meal at 3:12 AM, but your tractor didn't move until 3:17. Why?"

    That's why I have a book.
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    Technically yes, but UPS doesn't care about our health and well being enough to monitor heart rates. Of course, our union would be totally against it.

    (edit) We are expected to "work safe" which is the simplest way. Max vo2 and HR stress tests would have to be covered by our insurance = not ever going to happen.
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