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    Been at ups going on 3 months and I have been written up about 8 times. Mainly for misloads. I don't know what to think I feel like I go in a bust my butt every night and never complain about all the extra work they through in my face. Anyway,I have never be explained to about these write ups I just sign the paper and thats about all I here, no grief. Am I in trouble of loosing my job and just don't know it?
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    Just do the job to the best of your ability. If it's meant to be you will get thru this. Talk to your steward about what's going on. You don't have to sign those writeups. The only thing you have to sign is your paycheck. If you feel they are singling you out for these writeups, definitely talk to your steward.

    If they would let you go at some point, try to look at it as a "blessing in disguise". Apart from the benefits, you should be able to find a job that's less work and more pay. Most jobs are.
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    Thanks for the reply I guess there is nothing to worry about seeing there are only 1 reply.
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    Ask them where is the paperwork showing the misloads you find. Don't sign anything.
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    Make sure to talk to your driver first. Preloads supps. have tried to blame my loader several times for misloads that didn't exist. Like packages left in building for add corrects that were brought out to me later. Blame the loader and not the clerks. Misloads on other trucks that were brought out to me. Blame the wrong loader. On and on. You would be surprised at how often the supps are wrong about preloader misloads.
    Also, slow down. If you have to stack a truck, do it. Keep up with 2 and let one go. If the supps start riding you just tell them to jump in and help. Can't get written up for time.
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    hait next time don't sign anything without the steward.
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    That's a whole new thread.
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    "The only thing you have to sign is your paycheck."

    What if I have direct deposit?
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    good way to get discipline. If I'm willing to talk to you about a problem without a shop steward present then I'm doing you a favor because I can't take discipline without the steward. If you insist on a steward when I'm doing you a favor then I'll make it worth my while. :thumbup1:
    that kind of advice will only get you disciplined quicker and why you should be careful when taking advice from bathroom barristers.

    You also have to sign more then your paycheck like all DOT required items. DVIR and Car Condition report to name two.
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    HA...bathroom barristers...good one tie...
    This whole misload thing is just like everything else at ups.
    It varies depending on where you live...
    My preloader is a nice guy but he sucks as a preloader.
    If it has my postal code its in my truck,even if its for another city.
    Where I am preloaders are hard to come by...they are happy just
    to see him show up every day.
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    Just do the best you can...they are just bored this time of the year.
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    Yep good to see us show appreciation for someone who comes to work everyday. The missort thing is a daily routine in many operations. Sup prints his missorts his people had each day and reviews it with them. Sup has them sign the fact it was reviewed. If they refuse to sign then its written up as refused to sign. If he insists on a steward being present then he will gather the ire of management since it appears he is not taking responsibility for his mistakes. Discipline will come quicker if a shop steward is called in. So do the daily review on missorts. try to learn from your mistakes. try to fix your mistakes because service is what we are trying to accomplish. and thank the sup for not reviewing the info with a shop steward present. since no formal discipline has been taken.
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    First SLOW down. Pay closer attention. Keep your head in your work when you are entering your trucks. Limit your talking to only on the platform, not when you are loading. Ask your drivers to use the preload comm. screen in the diad. Then ask your preload sup to print out the comments from each driver so you can review them EVERY day.
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    Hiatt21....In order NOT to draw the Ire of mngmt,you CAN sign any document/review without a shop steward,but after you sign write "under protest" and write a small statement in your defense(if you presume your innocence).....you only need a steward IF your being disciplined.And no ,you don't have to thank your Sup for not reviewing info with a shop steward present(unless you are totally guilty)
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    Print a misload card???

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    Tie another weekend another disagreement! He said hes been written up 8 times over the last 3 months, he didnt say hes been talked to. I sure hope that sup has a union steward waiver release signed because if he started the discipline process without a steward those 8 write-ups i would have removed from his file.

    Kid do the job, check both labels work at a brisk pace but dont kill yourself, double check the truck you walk in to make sure its the right truck ever time. Remember we are all human and humans make mistakes!
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    Tie, SSSHHHHH!!! As UPS shareholders we don`t want someone working at UPS who has been written-up 8x in 3 months! That`s the idea!! As for me I`ve never been written up in 20 years so far and I`m no brown-nose, I just do my job correctly!!
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    always ask them to explain what the charges are for before you sign anything. it can come back and bite you if you are not careful........