Wrongful Termination?

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    Ok here goes...A pt hourly was hired in oct. '13, he was put in as a seasonal hire but was supposed to be put in as a permanent hire. He worked up until the second week of Jan. when HR told him he could not work because of something negative on his background check when they ran it to hire him on as a permanent hire, they told him they would look into it and see if there was any way for him to come back. Here is where it get's interesting...HR cleared him to come back to work...he comes back to work for a day then the next day labor say's he is not supposed to be working and let him go again. So basically hired, let go, brought back, let go again. Something seems very odd about all of this.
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    He failed to disclose something on the application....

    That turned up in the (further) background check.

    HR.... can't over-ride the Labor Dept.

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    Rightful termination.
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    He was hired in Oct. People hired in OCT - DEC are hired as seasonal not permanent if they are still working after the 15 of January they become FT.

    The person either 1. did something between the time he was hired as a SEASONAL employee and the time they ran his back ground or 2. just lied about his back ground thinking they wouldn't check. Either way he/ she wasn't hired as a permanent employee in OCT they were hired as seasonal with the possibility of going permanent...