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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by nymetsfan, Sep 23, 2005.

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    I've been reading these boards for the past week or so (inclduing the old archives) and have found out some really interesting stuff. I don't work for UPS, but there is a giant UPS building (hub?) literally 5 minutes from where I live. I could walk there, it's that close.

    I'm currently working on getting my CDL and my current state job has some tuition benefits which I am using to go to a CDL school. From reading the boards here, everyone usually starts off part time at UPS? Does having a CDL help me (or hurt me?) when applying with UPS for a driver job? I pride myself on being a quick learner and a team player and I sense the same from a lot of people on here. I am 31 and I guess time isn't on my side too much. I'm just looking for a career change from a boring desk job. I do work part time delivering auto parts and I really like interacting with the people.

    I have one more question:

    What's the difference between a package delivery driver and an air package driver?

    Thanks for any advice and/or comments.
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    IF you want it, it is yours. Show the desire and the willingness to learn and do the job.

    As far as a CDL goes, it does not hurt. Depending on where in the country you are the wait time can be months or years. Some places hire over the road drivers off the street, in other places like ours, getting in the door as full time is a 8-12 year part time sentence. And to get in feeders an additional 12-15 years at least.

    PAckage delivery drivers deliver all levels of service and pickup all levels of service. Air drivers can only deliver or pickup air packages, so are usually part time jobs.

    Go after it. It is not for every one, but if you like this type of work, it has its rewards and its drawbacks.

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    there is no comparison between regulaer drivers and air drivers. Regular drivers work thier tails off.
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    dannyboy said it pretty well. Having a CDL will certainly not hurt you in getting a job, but I doubt it will help you too much right now, either before or after you are hired. Almost everyone starts out as p/t. Where I work, you have to have at least 1 year of seniority before you can even bid on a driving job.

    Under the current contract, the company is allowed to hire 1 non-union driver (can either be a p/t supervisor or someone off the street) for every 6 part timers that go full time. From my experience, the company usually uses opportunity to get a p/t sup some driving experience as this will help them to get a full time position faster.

    If you are really hoping for a driver position, it depends on where you are, how fast you may be able to get it. It is extremely rare to go out driving with less than 2 years of seniority. As dannyboy said the wait could be 10+ years. You could be lucky and in one of the areas where there is a short wait or there are a lot of drivers that will be retiring in the near future.
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    Thanks everybody for the info.

    I really have to get out of my current job. I do nothing, literally for most of my workday. I'm a hard worker and I feel like my brain is wasting away. I like working hard and working up a sweat. I really like driving also.

    I hope this isn't taboo in here, but what are your guys opinions on DHL and/or Fedex?

    Thanks again....
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    It isn't taboo to ask us our opinions of our competitors, believe me we'll be happy to share them with you! All my peers from other companies usally end our conversation with the question "Is UPS hiring?".
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    Things vary from center to center but around here our 5-6 lowest seniority drivers are in the feeder classification, which is a reversal from the rest of the country it seems. The time frame to become a full time seniority driver in either package car or feeder in my area would be at least ten years at this point.
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