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    FT Package Driver here 1.5 year seniority. The wife and I are saving to buy a house in a few years but she is set on a particular location which would turn my 5 minute commute into a 70 minute commute. I know all the downsides to transferring, although some people on here have said you lose your top rate as well, which is not true. Would it be better to try and transfer now and start from the bottom again?, or enjoy my seniority for a few years? I'm above 12 people on the list. My hub now is a highly populated city, lots of work. I'm worried if I transfer to a smaller center, the possibility of being laid off during low volume because I will be at the bottom is high. The whole transferring thing is such a pain. Thanks

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    Are you sure your able to transfer? Just because you want to transfer doesn't mean you will be able to do it immediately. Do what's best for your family.

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    Your best answers will come from you reading your contract and supplement.
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    .... not even going to read your post because of that damn avatar
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    Where you're gonna live should be one of the too three things discussed before marriage. Up there with kids and finances.
  6. jaker

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    You would think , there is a few guys in my hub that have the chance to live closer to home but don't want to learn new routes and areas

    If you can move in the next year then do it you want be losing to much with the growth spurt at ups right now
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    How many years do they have in. I'm just under ten years and I could care less about learning a new route. It's the same job no matter where you are and the stops eventually come off.
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    Both are new drivers so about year and something
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    When getting the transfer offer, call the center manager of the prospective center and ask what their needs are. If there are 10 people on comp it's probably not a good idea. If they borrow 3 drivers from other centers everyday, then you will probably fine. That's how I do it. Seems to have worked well all 4 times.