You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

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  1. bottomups

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    A couple of weeks ago we started a district wide Backing Reduction Contest with the winning center getting a celebration cookout. I can only assume that after the first weeks of the contest that my center was not doing a very good job on reducing backs. When my TP60 pulled up to my satellite center, I grabbed my DIAD and read the daily safety message "All drivers must call the center manager today to ask permission before all backs!"
    Opting to work as directed, I called to ask permission to back up to the trailer to begin loading my package car. Having 80+ drivers working out of my center and assuming we were all calling in about the same time, I was on hold for 9 minutes. center manager said I was OK to go, so I put the 4 ways on, tapped the horn and safely backed up to the trailer!
    Got to my 2nd stop, pulled into a long driveway and again called to ask permission to back so I could turn around, deliver the parcel and be on my merry way. Only 5 minutes on hold this time.
    Fourth stop is a dock so I again call. Permission granted after about another 5 minutes on hold. Going to be a long day!
    About 5 more requests to back later, I had enough with their game. Called and stated that I would no longer be using my cell phone for such frivolous bullsh&t and all requests from then on would be by DIAD message, would most likely have late air and would be over 9.5 hours.
    On car calls back and says "do not call anymore, you are OK to go all day because we don't get telematics on you since your satellited and won't be included in the back reduction contest."
    Asked him if he was running a package delivery and logistics company or a daycare? At that time we became disconnected and didn't hear another word from him the rest of the day.
  2. Brownslave688

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    Won't ever use MY cell phone to call them the diads have messaging for a reason. Somehow after years of this I still get messages call so and so nope sorry no phone. It's really amazing how many time I'll hear nothing back after that.
  3. Coldworld

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    Our competition is laughing all the way to the bank with this nonsense..
  4. Wiggle Wagon

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    I hope they made the yard jockeys do it too. Would be hilarious.


    Sounds like the true antics of someone sitting in an air conditioned office making up stupid rules when they have no idea how to actually do the job. There are so many routes that you CANT reduce your backing.
  6. soberups

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    They could win the contest and save a lot of money on the phone bill if they just had the mechanics disable the reverse gears in all of the transmissions. Problem solved!
  7. The Blackadder

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    I would say this is BS and you a making it up, sadly I have been at UPS to long and know this could be real. lol
  8. PASinterference

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    Hey dont laugh. His ctr added 26 oms jobs to answer the phone lines - but had to cut 9 routes to cover up the cost.This has to be good for the economy.
  9. hurricanegunner

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    When you return to the building at night, pull your truck head first into the building and leave it in the middle of the building, blocking all of the car washers who are trying to pull out the empties. Take the fob with you and casually walk into the office and ask for permission to back into a dock space. That silliness will go away soon when the car washers can't get the empties out and every building has gridlock because of drivers waiting for permission to back.
  10. Richard Harrow

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    One of the things I always get a chuckle at is these BBQ's that they "reward" us with. Our manager and supervisors go on and on and on about properly hydrating, don't drink coffee, don't drink Red Bull (which I happen to live on), that sports drinks like Gatorade don't hydrate as well as water, you should eat healthy, get plenty of rest, yada yada yada. Then when you get back to the building at 7:30, they're BBQ'ing and they're tossing greasy cheeseburgers at you, Pepsi by the gallon, and loads of potato chips. What a joke.
  11. Jackburton

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    Just the time typing a message everytime I back would pay for my pork platter. I'd be worried I'd get a spork in the back from management if I shared a meal with them.
  12. bottomups

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    A follow up to yesterdays theatrics. We got a Thank You today for decreasing backs by an average of 4.5 per driver. center manager thought having to call in before each back would get us thinking collectively whether each one was necessary. Can only imagine what stunts they will come up with next? Glad I'm and old as I am and thank God I'm not just starting out with this company!
  13. iruhnman630

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    Remember, H.A.B.I.T.S. begins with 'Health.'
  14. Jackburton

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    Two things, why are people using their cell phones to speak to management? Secondly, they continue to do these 3rd grade tactics because enough people call and it worked. If I was management I'd do more of this as it proved to work in your hub.

    Next up, let's reduce time between stops by calling if your vehicle is off more than 5 mins at a residential stop to explain.
  15. jaker

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    Don't you love being a satellite driver , telematic doesn't show , not being at the hub hearing mangers talk ,no recording while idling , going home as soon as I punch out but I do miss the lovely BBQ
  16. soberups

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    Imagine a different outcome.

    Imagine if every driver put their cell phone away, and instead messaged in with the DIAD asking for permission to back and sat there on the clock and WAITED for said permission to be granted before proceeding further.

    The OMS messaging system would become hopelessly bogged down. Packages would get missed, pickups would get missed, NDA would be delivered late, drivers would run 3 or 4 hours overallowed, and this "bright idea" would be exposed to all for the utter farce that it truly is. Something tells me that (a) no one would be getting "thanked" for their cooperation and (b) the center manager who pulled such genius out of his ass would be getting that same ass torn open the next day when his superiors read the Operations Report.
  17. menotyou

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    About 4 months before I went out, I stopped using my cell. Wow, was the 'team' at the center mad. That green light would flash and flash as I drove down the road. I can't touch it while driving, don'tchya know. So, when I would get to the next stop I would hear- 'What took so long?'. LMAO!!! I had a lot of fun with that.
  18. toonertoo

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    As soon as they give me a phone, I will comply.
  19. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    They have them, too. We have a casual that refused. Shocking, just shocking to find out the center let him use one of theirs. Not a personal phone, either.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It is my choice as to whether I wish to use my personal cell phone while I am working. I use it when it benefits me. I have a customer who gets COD's that I can normally get to before they leave for lunch but if it is getting close and I am running late I will call and ask them to leave the check(s) for me and I leave the pkgs at their secured back entrance. Works for them and for me. I consider my cell phone to be simply another tool I use to get the job done.

    Our center also has a couple of cell phones to be used as needed.