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    Well my department is sizing down because they were smokeing something when they hired 30 people and only need 15 max. So this week is downsizing week. Lucky me im safe. Anyway senority does not count if you dont work work for the "hub". My job is revenue. (Just to help you out we have our own set of safe work days that is different from the rest of the crew at the hub.) Anyway when they downsize they can take anybody and send them to loading and unloading. Basically its like heaven and hell. God bless the loaders and unloaders. I would not make there. I could not beleve this. Its all about preformance and thats the way is should be but its their fault they hired so many freakin people and they knew they had to downsize. So make sure you become friends with your shop stuert. This is happening so far only in the north east reigon. Sory to make my post so long, but I had to let out some steam. Any ideas on this?
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    Ideas: MAn Up!!! go load some feeders...
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    Great Idea, I think it should be company-wide, like a raffle.
    Always thought it would be fun to do a raffle for routes once a year.
    But now you can Raffle for Mike Eskews job(and pay) for a day.
    Keeps the top guys on their toes, they learn more about the business.
    same for loaders and drivers, they can learn what really goes on in the ivory towers in atlanta... ;)
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    You get Eskew's pay, but not the workload or insanely long hours, right?

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    ceos are there to do a job. not be loved by their front line employees that seem to have more business aptitude than him.