You know what I hate about UPS?

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    They're constantly looking for someone to blame. And everyone is so afraid of taking the blame that the buck starts getting passed and fingers start being pointed. It really is insane. I have seen the nicest people turn into paranoid, liers... People who you thought were friendly turn into backstabbing jerks.
    Sadly I went the other route. I am trying to get away with the least amount of responsibility possible. I started out my "career" so good too. I am a p/t sup that was on the fast track to f/t and something in me just had enough. If it weren't for me needing the insurance for my family, and liking the night time hours that I work, I would have been gone. I actually should go because I'm way too honest for that job. And I care about people, two qualities you need to not have in order to be a successful managment person at UPS. I should have stayed an hourly.
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    What i hate is the $30 an hr. $45 an hr OT, 6 weeks of vacation, 18 paid days for sick leave and holidays, another $12-15 an hr in bennies, excellent safe equipment, safety training, world class driver training....the list goes on and on.

    it's a real drag , man.
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    i agree i hate that about UPS too lol
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    You talking about us Mods?
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    I hate the air-conditioning in the pkg cars on 90 degree days...It's way too cold!...I hate being under dispatched every single day...I love all the reports and hoops you have to jump through on a daily basis...And the management teams are so friendly and cordial.They a-lot so much time and effort into each and every route to make sure we are o.k...All and all, they are a bunch of good guys..
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    I had a chance to putter around in one of the new freightliner Package Cars last week. Is that really a blue air conditioning option I see around the heater switch?
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    Tie, You should never use the word putter.
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    No, that was your Schlitz Malt Liquor talking to you.
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    I hate the fact that I never get a helper at peak and I have to put together 3 sets of doubles AND break them down too !!! God,,they just don't take care of us :dissapointed:
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    I also hate when they force me into the Company pool with the 3 Hotties after a long nite when I just want to go home and fill out my DOK sheets...
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    only in our dreams
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    yea I know. We loaned some equipment to the state trucking association competition last week. One was a freightliner pkg car. In this competition you're not allowed to drive your own companys equipment. So we had the strange sight of seeing fdx drivers driving a brown package car.

    I drove the freighliner back to the its building while waiting on the final scores in the competition. Very nice ride. Lot of nice features. Automatic, low step, roomy cab, turn signal makes a beeping noise so you don't leave it on too long. Feels like the transmission has some type of "jake brake" affect that slows the car up when you let off the gas going down hill. I was impressed big change from the 500 and 600's I drove when i delivered. Though I did love the rounded body styling of the 600's.
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    Hate is a strong word, I would say " What would I like to try and change at UPS.
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    I hear things are pretty rosey at FedEx. Give em a call..........
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    Oh my God that's a nasty picture.
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    It is! I just sat down to eat lunch and saw that, now lunch doesn't taste so good.:sick:
    That picture should be with the one of Amy Winehouse in another thread...not good!
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    wanna be attracted and repulsed at the same time? Watch this, warning, it's like staring at a truck wreck, you wanna turn your head but you can't

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    That is how Rosie FedEx will be as employees organize with the Teamsters :D
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    I hate when I'm "next up" on call all day. Can't start doing anything, although the best way to get a work call is to start doing something. I hate when I hear someone from management say "It's all about the numbers". Usually means someone is getting hosed. I hate when I hear someone is getting charged with an accident when it is clearly an incident, (to everyone that has common sense). And I really hate when I hear guys that are making 100k a year to drive a truck b#tch about their job, (if you were anywhere but here you would be making half the money for quadruple the b##l##it).